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One of the lesser known dishes in Penang is “hokkein char“, or literally, Hokkien Fried noodle. It is a dish found on most hawker centers and probably most of the bigger kopitiam, but unlike the more glamorous Pennag dishes like char kuih teow, curry mee or prawn mee that is famous everywhere, I’ve yet to find a proper hokkien char stalls in Klang Valley.

Hokkien Char & Char Hor Fun, Anson Road wet market
Hokkien Char & Char Hor Fun, Anson Road wet market

This blog post is about a Hokkien Char stall located at Anson Road wet market in Penang. It is not a particularly well known stall, in fact, it is absolutely average. In fact, I ended up trying this only because I was waiting for the immensely popular kuih teow soup at the same place (a must-try for kuih teow soup fans)

It is presented as how Hokkien Char should be, and tasted how it should taste, just the way I like it.

Penang hokkein char, where can I get one in KL?
Penang hokkein char, where can I get one in KL?

The anatomy of Hokkien Char is simple. There’s yellow noodle and mee hun, prawns, vegetable (choi sam usually), and pork slices fried with some sort of brown sauce, then topped with char siu and fried shallot. Most importantly, it is served with Penang style sambal balacan that’s positively spicy and foul smelling. Sometimes you get an odd fish ball or fish cakes thrown in as well.

The combination just works, and to me, a far superior rendition of fried noodle than KL’s “Hokkien Mee” with it’s overloaded dark soya sauce.

If you’re in Penang, give it a try!

muar chee, this one right outside Ayer Itam wet market
muar chee, this one right outside Ayer Itam wet market

Oh, also, don’t forget to try some Muar Chee as well. They’re absolutely fantastic and usually don’t cost more than RM 2 or so. If you like Kampachi’s signature peanut mochi, you will absolutely enjoy this.

direction to Anson Road market

Hokkien Char Stall
Anson Road Market
Jalan Anson & Lebuh Melaka
GPS: 5.415880, 100.320892
Hours: daily breakfasts except Mondays

Discuss : KY eats – Hokkien Char at Anson Road Market, Penang

  1. KY, I love noodle dishes of all kind and one you had seem so delish. Muar chee I try to make at home with recipe. It turn out ok for I ate all up with friends.

  2. CL (RealGunners)

    My Penang friends used to tell me, the KL Hokkien Mee is actually Hokkien Char in Penang. After I tried the real thing, I feel perplexed because they are nothing similar at all!

  3. KIV. Never been here…

  4. KY, there is one penang restaurant in Kepong which sell Penang Hokkien Char. I never try before and I saw that from vkeong few months back. Maybe you should go and try that one.

  5. This Penang hokkien char is totally different from KL’s hokkien mee. It looks more like a wet konlo mee to me. Hmm….I think I still prefer KL’s fried hokkien mee more. 😉

    • ewew: haha you have to try it first, the sambal is the killer! damn ons wan. And no it’s very different from “wet konlo mee”

  6. I always come back a couple of pounds heavier after a visit to Penang. 🙂

  7. The hokkien char at Gurney Delight is quite good. The original shop is at Kota Kemuning, opposite Hero Market. There is another branch at Bdr.Puteri Puchong (same row as Face to Face Pan mee) 😉

  8. KY, I love all kind of noodle dishes but never been here man

  9. Try the Best Penang Char Hor Fun at Light House Cafe situated beside Penang Cititel. Very very Tasty. Char Hor Fun + Salad(unlimited servings)+ Unlimited buffet style Ice Cream cost only RM7.90 in total as of February 2020. Where else can you find a set of meal so cheap and delicious . Also go for Terry Chow’s Curry Kapitan Chicken Pies next door. Order a few from the next shop. They are the best Pies I have ever tasted. E mail me for any comments or questions. Thank you KY.

    • Eugene: Thanks for the tips! Been too many years since I stayed in Penang, needs an update to all these places.

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