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Since taking over vacant possession of our new home in Shah Alam, we’ve been spending quite a bit of time inspecting defects and monitoring the construction of koi pond version 2.

With the new place just a stone’s throw away from Klang toll, we’ve started exploring the eateries nearby, such as the few rows of old school restaurants and kopitiam at Taman Berkeley, an area that’s already a favorite among the locals.

Number One Claypot Rice, Taman Berkeley
Number One Claypot Rice, Taman Berkeley

When trying out a new place, the rule of thumb is just stick with the most popular option. In a kopitiam, the most popular stall, and in a makan area like Berkeley, the restaurant that’s most packed.

Going with this rule brought us to Number One Claypot Rice, a restaurant that isn’t really overly humble on their claim.

claypot chicken rice cooked from scratch
claypot chicken rice cooked from scratch

Like most claypot chicken rice places, the rice is cooked from scratch claypots of two sizes. A single portion is priced at RM 7, and bigger, double person portion at RM 14. If there’s 5 of you, 2 big and 1 small, you do the math, it’s pretty simple.

In the pot you get plenty of bite size chicken, chunks of lap cheong (Chinese wax sausage), and a small amount of salted fish.

I find the rice and chicken pretty much spot on, with the sausage having slightly tougher skin that I’d like, and the salted fish, well, is something that I’ll need to ask for extra the next time around (you can do that for extra RM 2). The crispy bits of charred rice are there for those who love it that way.

chicken soup in coconut, braised vegetable
chicken soup in coconut, braised vegetable

To compliment the claypot chicken rice, we also ordered the coconut chicken soup (RM  7) and a side of braised vegetable (RM 5), there’s also option of herbal chicken soup, vegetable soup, or pork tripe soup (would be better I think!) to go around as well.

Everything came to be about RM 30 for the two of us, and the serving was certainly more than enough. Would go back again.

map to Number One claypot rice, Taman Berkeley, Klang

Number One Claypot Rice
Jalan Lang & Jalan Bangau (corner shop)
Taman Berkeley,
41500 Klang, Selangor
GPS: 3.059943, 101.463137
Hours: Open for dinner, closed to Tuesday

Discuss : KY eats – Number One Claypot Chicken Rice, Taman Berkeley

  1. KY, that claypot chicken seem big enough for two people to share. Coconut soup look so good. Wonder what in it and how the taste of it?

    • Vickie: yeap it was for two! and the soup had a hint of coconut taste to it, quite nice.

  2. i better not show my mom this post … she lovveeees claypot chicken rice, especially with the charred bits, and if she sees this, i might have to take her all the way to taman berkeley for it 😀

  3. Wow..coconut chicken soup!Interesting. Only heard of mango chicken before.

  4. immature 2.0

    also rule of thumb is to sit under big azz fan when eating claypot rice, keke. I prefer claypot rice in harbin

  5. I miss this! Can’t get it here.

  6. Esther.L

    If you come to the same shop for breakfast or lunch, there is a pork noddle shop which is quite good too, and you will be able to order some yong tau foo item. There is also a yau char kwai stall from opposite the road which you can pair with a cup of coffee..Yum! Other than that, if you are a fan of porridge i would like to recommend this aunty old stall in a food court in Taman Eng Ann. And there is quite a few of pau seller around the Eng Ann foodcourt area.

  7. I love my claypot rice to have generous sprinkles of spring onions!

  8. I love the burnt bits at the bottom of clay pot rice…

  9. Joyceanne

    the chicken soup in coocnut looks really really good. Taman Berkeley is the one near the black sesame right? sigh i miss that black sesame. in KK we can never get something like that.

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