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Sometimes all you need is some simple comfort food, and for me, sometimes that comes in the form of a bowl of good bitter gourd noodle soup.

While running around trying to sort of stuff for our new home and somehow missed lunch in the process, I found myself at around Ara Damansara, and recalled that someone mentioned once about a stall at Restoran Do Re Mi 123 that offers bitter gourd soup, so I took the turn to investigate.

Do Re Mi 123 kopitiam at Ara Damansara
Do Re Mi 123 kopitiam at Ara Damansara

Restoran Do Re Mi 123 is a medium size kopitiam located at the “busiest” commercial centre in Ara Damansara on an island surrounded by major roads going in and out of the residential area. Parking is usually not too challenging, and the restaurant offers quite a selection of different hawker fair that any KL folks will be familiar with.

bitter gourd mee suah, with egg
bitter gourd mee suah, with egg

The noodle soup stall offers bitter gourd noodle, pork noodle, fish ball noodle soup, and “imperial” noodle.

For RM 5 you get a bowl of soup with your choice of noodle (I choose mee suah) laden with reasonable amount of pork slices, fish cake, bitter gourd, and even tomato. It was quite well balanced and not overly salty. Another RM 1 gets you an egg just to make it closer to a balanced meal.

A simple comfort food I don’t mind having a couple times a week.

map to restaurant doremi 123, Ara Damansara

Restaurant DoReMi 123
Jalan PJU 1a/20b
Ara Damansara
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS3.119897, 101.579194

Discuss : KY eats – Bitter Gourd Mee Suah at Restaurant DoReMi 123, Ara Damansara

  1. KY. I thought it was like the Okinawa style of bitter gourd with egg but your indeed so different.
    Noodle is first for me to see with the bitter gourd. I grew up eating bitter gourd stuffed with ground pork filling and steamed Cantonese style. Stir fry with slice with pork meat and black bean is good also.

    • Vickie: we do the Okinawa style too but that’s to go with rice, the stuffed type we call it yong tau foo. 😀

  2. when i was a kid, i hated bitter gourd … but now as an adult, i want it! 😀

  3. Lovely! looks good. Usually we have it with bihun here, big or small, the bitter gourd in soup.

  4. What is it about hating bitter gourd as a kid but can’t get enough of it when we’re older? I hear that all the time and I’m in that category too.

    • ewew: I guess naturally most kids just don’t like bitter stuff, same thing with Guinness isn’t it?

  5. RM5! that’s very affordable! Must make a note to drop by that place after my weekend training at Saujana.

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