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Where do you go when you’ve got the munchies at 3am in the morning but don’t feel like heading to yet another mamak restaurant that serves spicy food and nothing else?

Well, if you’re a fan of Teo Chew porridge, you’re in luck, there are several such places that offers nightcrawlers a bowl of warm congee with dozens of different dishes to go along, one of such places is Restoran Peng Hwa at Old Klang Road.

Peng Hwa Restaurant at Old Klang Road
Peng Hwa Restaurant at Old Klang Road

Situated between Pearl Point and Scott’s Garden on the busier part of Old Klang Road, Peng Hwa is one of those old school restaurants offering porridge and rice that operates some 18 hours a day (11am to 5am). I mean, no one really eats porridge or mixed rice with pre cooked dishes for breakfast, but for any other meal, you’re covered.

intestine, Chinese sausage, mushroom, mui choi pork and more
intestine, Chinese sausage, mushroom, mui choi pork and more

Like most such type of restaurants, Peng Hwa offers classic dishes such as pork intestine, soya sauce chicken, Chinese sausage, mushroom, fried vegetable, luncheon meat. salted duck egg and so forth.

They tasted pretty good too! For the three of us on a late night supper a week or so ago, we spent about RM 8-9 per person including drinks. Not the cheapest supper nor the healthiest, but I’d say it beats mamak restarant any day.

map to Peng Hwa restaurant at Old Klang Road

Restaurant Peng Hwa (non-halal)
No 19A, Jalan Klang Lama (Old Klang Road)
Batu 4 1/3, 58100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.089242, 101.674050
Hours:: daily from 11am to 5am

Discuss : KY eats – Late Night Teow Chew Porridge at Peng Hwa, Old Klang Road

  1. Now that would make a great list – spots open at 3am.

  2. I love Teochew porridge!

  3. KY in San Francisco jook is what we called it. There some restaurants open up 2:00am and we dine there for snacks. I like deep fried tofu stuffed with fishpaste serve with youtau. I order pig
    intestines deep fried for good with jook with duck egg and pork or Tang Jai Jook (Sanpan )seafood jook.

  4. oooo, it’s midnight and i’ve got the munchies … and i’m only a 10-minute drive from old klang road now … time for teow chew porridge 😀

  5. I’ve had the worst diarrhea of my life and vomiting from this place. Call it phobia, i,ve never ever been back since. Heartbroken !!

  6. Sounds like a great place for supper kakis!

  7. Totally agree with Emina. This place is not very hygienic. You wouldn’t wanna dine here if you see how the foods are prep. I witnessed it myself and never wanna take any chances of getting diarrhea. I passed after that visit!

  8. Price is unreasonably super expensive. Be careful of being cut throat!! 价钱超级无理的昂贵。小心被砍菜头!

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