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A couple weeks ago I went down to Isetan looking for something to fill the stomach during the lunch hour. As it turned out, The Japan Winter Feast Fest was on going (28 nov – 8 dec, 2014). I walked around abit and saw this Japanese steamed rice stall that looked pretty enticing.

Isetan Japan Winter Feast Fair 2014
Isetan Japan Winter Feast Fair 2014

The stall offers two different dishes – Sansai Okowa & Chestnut Steam Rice. You can have them at RM 15 per portion, or alternatively, have them mixed with 1/2 portion each. To maximize my taste bud exposure, I chose the latter, of course.

They were both vegetarian dishes, with the Sansai Okowa, or wild vegetable sticky rice packed with quite a variety of mushroom and thus having a slightly savory taste to it which I like. The chestnut steamed rice, on the other hand, is packed with chestnut, sesame, and red bean which gave it a sweeter taste. I personally prefer the Sansai Okowa, but both were pretty good.

you can mix the two different steamed rice too
you can mix the two different steamed rice too

Isetan run these type of food fair pretty often, so be sure to check it out if you’re at KLCC. They also have a smallish eating area at the lower ground floor where you can noms away these takeaway food.

map of KLCC

Isetan KLCC
Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.158126, 101.711833

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Discuss : KY eats – Sansai Okowa & Chestnut Steam Rice at Isetan KLCC

  1. I guess they’re healthier than our nasi lemak.

  2. They have a nice little food court in Isetan don’t they?

  3. KY, my fav was red bean with rice. The dish almost like mixed rice is mix sushi without the seaweed wraper. It popular in Hawaii for parties. Glad you enjoy the rice.

  4. I had something similar before in Japan, chewy-soft, love the texture. Rm 15 is quite expensive tho

  5. looking forward to what the Spring Feast Fest might bring to isetan klcc! 🙂

  6. I love chestnuts so much!!!

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