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What is the very first meal you ever cooked all by yourself?

For me, as I’m sure with many others, it will undoubtedly be Maggi instant noodle. Bring a bowl of water to boil, add Maggi, add the flavoring pastes, and maybe an egg for good measure, and two minutes later, viola! You have a meal.

In fact, my very first bowl of self-cooked Maggi was when I was still in primary school and probably 8-9 year old (without my mom’s knowledge, of course).

my university days in US
my university days in US

After high school and a couple years in college locally, I went off to continue my studies in the States.

My very first university was at Bemidji, this frigid winter wonderland that had temperature as low as -40 Celsius and was so far away from the city that Maggi became our number one product among Malaysians and many other Asians alike.

To get a box of Maggi, we had to drive about 7 hours to Minneapolis, oh it was so precious. If you want any favors from your classmates, perhaps to take a look at their assignment for “reference”, you cook a pack of Maggi for them. Good times!

my favorite dishes at mamak - Maggi goreng
my favorite dishes at mamak – Maggi goreng

After a few years in the States where I continued to have Maggi in my kitchen cupboard pretty much at all time, I came back to KL.

This was a time when the whole generation of new workforce and college kids found themselves renting rooms in Klang Valley without a proper kitchen. So how do you solve that Maggi cravings?

The local mamak restaurants picked that needs right up and we now have Maggi goreng, Maggi soup and the likes offered at those eateries. I believe Malaysia is probably the only country you find instant noodle being served in restaurants, we love it, and we’re proud of it.

Maggi Royale Penang Seafood Curry
Maggi Royale Penang Seafood Curry

Throughout the years, Maggi continue to refine their product and introduced to the market different varieties, flavors, and packaging (cup noodle for example), with the latest being Maggi Royale Penang Seafood Curry and Maggi Royale Korean Spicy Braised Beef.

Maggi Royale is Maggi noodles premium range, made with higher quality ingredients and springy noodle made from real wheat.

spice things up with a small prawn :D
spice things up with a small prawn 😀

I tried their Maggi Royale Penang Seafood Curry that comes with real toasted belacan and seafood broth made from fresh prawns (added my own prawn for good measure too). Cooking instruction is something that we don’t really need to explain, and I find that using correct amount of water is key to making the broth thick and flavorful.

here's my Maggi Royale Penang Seafood Curry, with prawn!
here’s my Maggi Royale Penang Seafood Curry, with prawn!

The end result is a bowl of noodle that isn’t foreign to my taste buds, but also one that is markedly superior. It was a good start of the day to have this as breakfast. I like the broth that seemed to have a bit more character compared to their single sachet instant noodle (this one comes with 3).

Maggi Royale Korean Spicy Braised Beef flavor
Maggi Royale Korean Spicy Braised Beef flavor

Maggi Royale Korean Spicy Braised Beef is another product I have in my kitchen that I would be trying real soon. Made with thick, springy wheat noodle with meaty spicy broth and comes with real carrots, spring onions & chili garnish too. Soon!

For more information, check out Maggi Royale on the web.

Craving for Maggi (especially if you’re overseas!)? Well, tell us your story! What is your first memory with Maggi? Leave a comment below about your memory, and the 10 most interesting stories will win a Maggi Royale gift pack! Remember to leave your correct email address so that you could be contacted.

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  1. That gigantic prawn must have cost you more than the price of the Maggi Royale noodles….kekek! 🙄

  2. KY, where do they sell Maggi Royale? I never seen it in states. Just seasoning bottle one at the stores.

  3. wow, i like your hairstyle when you were still in the states LOL, so you gained the love for maggi man years back huh

  4. in Paris, this Maggi mee is called Royale with prawn

  5. Ha, ha… Seems Maggi helped many uni students survive. 🙂

  6. Looks awesome! Not fond of Maggi’s noodles – the texture’s different. The ones I had in New Zealand were great though and they have a wide range of flavours there. Dunno why, not here. Haven’t had any of theirs for a while now so dunno if the noodles are any better these days.

  7. You call that a small prawn? bugger! 🙄

  8. ooo, looks and sounds tasty, i’d definitely want a bowl. gosh, will we see a battle by the instant noodle brands to step up their game? where’s ibumie imperial? 😀

  9. This is really royale with the giant prawn! 😀

  10. Thanks for this ! But msia is not the only country where you can order instant noodles when eating out . In singapore you can also get maggi goreng and ditto in Indonesia where they use indomie . And in Hong Kong casual eateries also serve instant noodle dishes !

  11. Oh….this post brings back so many memories.My earliest memory was eating Maggi Curry when I was about 3 years old. It was so spicy to me then but yet I cannot put it down. I had to have a sip of water after every mouthful of Maggi 😀

  12. I have a memory with Maggi. it was… interesting. My siblings & I were probably really young. Definitely under 10. For once in our lives (and yes, once since then), our dad decided to cook for us and Maggi was his choice. In his endeavour to get us to eat healthier he tossed in probably as much frozen mixed veggies (the carrot, pea & corn one) in as there were noodles. 😕 We suffered through that meal. My youngest brother was about 2 and the memory was so burnt into his brain that at 21, he still remembers it as if it were yesterday. Sighhh… My preferred way to make Maggi is still the old school way… crack in an egg when it’s almost done & a handful of fresh veggies if there are some lying around the bottom of my fridge. If not, Maggi kosong is still super awesome!

    • Jayne: haha that’s the same way I used to make Maggi too! Those frozen pea+carrot+corn thingy, I remember them!

  13. aisya ibrahim

    Leaving away from Malaysia making it difficult to get Maggie with the taste like in Malaysia. Being away from Malaysia for more than a year really makes me miss the taste of it…Really glad if I can get the gift pack… 😀 I miss Malaysia, and Maggie 😀

  14. Faris Aiman

    Salam kenal saya blog walking saya ingin menjemput anda berkunjung ke blog saya Kalau ada masa followlah blog saya..

  15. How about some for the one and only sister that is halfway across the world. Hehe

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