I remember when I was a little kid, credit cards or charge cards were such a foreign concept. We were wondering why would the bank actually give us a line of credit just to buy whatever we want, and how convenient that would be! There were also “older” people talking about how a man will be more eligible if he has a card.

Well, that was some 25 years ago. These days, most working adult carries a card for convenience. We use it to pump petrol (how else do you fill up a full tank?), pay bills, buy groceries, pay for movies, and more.

For those who has a Maybank Card and also those who are looking to apply a new card, I have some good news for you.

holiday destinations KY speaks

From 12 September 2014 till 15 January 2015, signing up to a Maybank premium credit card and be entitled to win 25,000 bonus air miles for Enrich and KrisFlyer. The following cards are eligible:

  • Maybank World MasterCard
  • Maybank Visa Infinite
  • Maybank Ikhwan Visa Infinite
  • Maybank 2 Cards Premier

Maybank Cards 25,000 bonus air miles for sign up

What can you do with 25,000 air miles? Well, I once redeemed my air miles and got myself a trip to Manila and volunteered for Operation Smiles.

You can also get a free return flights to Medan, Phuket, or Singapore and perhaps with the upgrade to Business Class as well for 25,000 Enrich miles.

Check for more details here.

cash back with Maybank cards

So what about for those who are already Cardmembers? If you have a Maybank MasterCard, Visa or American Express® Credit/ Charge Cards, Maybank is giving away more than RM3 millions.

From 1 October 2014 till 31 January 2015, spend with your Maybank Cards and get your spend on petrol, groceries, dining and everything else paid off.

100% cashback deal basically!

100% cash back everyday with Maybank Cards

To qualify for this, do the following:

  • REGISTER to participate via SMS DAILY (space) 12-digit NRIC Number to 66628.
  • SPEND on everything with Maybank Cards.
  • GET Cashback up to 100% everyday.

For more information, check here.

Volkswagen Polo sedan

No credit card promotion is complete without some interesting big ticket items. If you are into some excitements, you won’t be disappointed. A total of 5 Volkswagen Polo Sedan is being given away and qualifying for this is very simple –

5X Automatic Entries

  • For newly approved Maybank Cards
  • For new Maybank Cardmembers
  • For newly approved Balance Transfer accounts
  • For Balance Transfer accounts on newly approved Maybank Cards

5 Volkswagen Polo Sedan to be won

The good thing is, even if you do not end up winning the car, there are many complimentary gifts that you can get by qualifying for minimum spend:

  • 3,000X CBTL Contata Beverage Machine - Spend above RM10,000
  • 5,000X Desktop Refrigerator - Spend above RM5,000
  • 5,000X Barry Smith Elegent 19″ – Spend above RM3,000

For more information, click here.

That CBTL Contata machine really does look very enticing. I probably need to buy quite a lot of furniture/electrical equipment soon so I should start planning for this. 😀

Get Cashback, Air Miles, or Win a Car with Maybank Cards

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  • December 9, 2014 at 10:53 pm

    Too bad i am too poor for a credit card now $.$

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      The Yum List: yah, I wouldn’t mind a car!

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    Thanks for the info. Gonna try my luck now.

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    hurray, i hope can win the car leh~

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