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We Malaysian are very passionate about our food, and undoubtedly many of us has the romantic dream of perhaps owning a restaurant/cafe some day. The problem is, we often envision the romantic part of the business, with very little preparation on the real world side of things.

Well, for those of you are an aspiring restaurant owner or a relatively new restaurateur, I would like to draw your attention to A Food Biz Workshop on the 22-23rd Nov, 2014 at Bangsar South.

a food biz workshop
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The 2-day workshop is organized by Ink On Paper Media, the publisher of “Mise En Place“, a dedicated channel for commercial kitchen equipment as well as a guide for F&B owners. There are four speakers from the industry who will share their experience and techniques in food business.

The speakers are:

  • Mr Carl Kjellqvist – Managing Partner for Focus Hospitality Incorporated
  • Mr Rick Chee – Managing Director of F & B Facilities Sdn Bhd
  • Mr Christophe Chatron-Michaud – Founder of Yeast Bistronomy Sdn Bhd
  • Michele Kwok, SOUL Society

Additionally, yours truly will be a guest speaker for a short segment on the second day to share my experiences and expectations as someone who dines out often, with some tips on what I deem as the right & wrong things restaurants do.

Charges for the workshop:

  • Published Rate: RM1,600.00 for 2 days
    Early Bird Price: RM1,280.00 for 2 days

For more information on Ink On Paper Media, go to their FB page at 

Event information and registration can be found on

See you there.

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  1. Hmm… a new restaurant? “Ky Cooks”?

  2. Good luck as a guest speaker 🙂

  3. i prefer to run my own food truck, uncle. err opps… soli to ruin this sponsored post… lol

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