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One of the more popular thing to do for many restaurant owners is to name their restaurant with the place the business is conducted from. After all, it is convenient for anyone to remember, and also make it sounds a lot more legitimate.

That is, until you expand to another location. One of such example is the confusingly named Peel Road Yong Tau Foo located at Sungai Way, our subject of this entry.

Update 21/11/2014: unfortunately this place has already changed to a “tai chao” operation and no longer serve yong tau foo

Restaurant Peel Road Yong Tow Foo at Sungai Way
Restaurant Peel Road Yong Tow Foo at Sungai Way

We actually stumbled upon this place as Sing Kee was closed when we wanted to go for their asam fish a couple weeks ago. Since this shack/restaurant seems to be offering more than just yong tau foo, we thought why not?

As it turns out, the place is more of a tai chau restaurant that happen to offer yong tau foo.

naturally, we had to order some yong tau foo
naturally, we had to order some yong tau foo

Naturally, we ordered a selection of yong tau foo as appetizer.

True to the name, the YTF here were actually rather good, with the fuchuk particularly tasty. The tofu, chili, bitter gourd, brinjal and such did not disappoint either. The stuffing is a little heavy but we liked it nonetheless.

steamed egg, vegetable, curry fish head, bitter gourd chicken
steamed egg, vegetable, curry fish head, bitter gourd chicken

For the six of us, we ordered another four dishes to go with rice for everyone.

The steamed egg was smooth n silky with a hint of sesame oil, reminding me of the version we had at K.T.L. Cheras. The vegetable more than passable, in addition to ticking off the vitamin C requirement in every meal.

The third dish, bitter gourd chicken, was also pretty decent, though not exactly the best version I’ve tried.

the curry fish head was really good
the curry fish head was really good

However, the curry fish head here turned out to be superb. We asked for grouper head which isn’t very commonly available in Klang Valley, but in my opinion, the best candidate for curry fish head. The version here has a thick flavorful gravy and packed with extra vegetables that adds to the overall experience. If I had to order only one dish from here, this would be it.

Over all this branch of Peel Road YTF at Sungai Way makes for  a more than decent dinner option. We ended up paying around RM 15 or so per person.

map to Peel Road yong tow foo at Sungai Way, PJ

Peel Road Yong Tow Foo
Jalan SS 9a/14 & Jalan SS 9a/19
Sungai Way, Petaling Jaya
GPS: 3.086527, 101.622316

Discuss : KY eats – Peel Road Yong Tau Foo and more, at Sungai Way [Closed]

  1. KY, I like bitter gourd and chicken must get recipe to make it.

  2. The steamed egg look special. I’ve never seen steamed egg like this.

  3. The steamed egg caught my attention!

  4. Hey you’re right – naming a restaurant by its location is a great way to remember the address.

  5. lol i think uncle meant ‘foochook’, unless uncle is starting a new restaurant boombastic brand FUCHUK, like the fashion label FCUK, to get everyone’s attention… keke

  6. My favourite food! And you don’t need to waste space on carbs either.. unless you’re one of those who likes to eat it with rice! 😛

  7. I was there for dinner on Saturday, place taken by a new owner who
    used to operate in Genting and they don’t serve fish head curry etc. So sad!!

  8. Any soupy ytf here?

  9. uncle, lets open a restaurant at Jalan Puki Mak Ulah, okeh?

  10. Yes, a totally new setup as confirmed by the owner.

  11. Wow this makes me very hungry. Been longing to travel to Malaysia and my friends always suggest the hawker. Is it expensive to visit there?

  12. I drove pass it couple of months back but didn’t stop to eat there. I went back last week but the signboard is no longer there as visible from main road. So fast they closed?!

    • pl: yes I went there again a few days ago and was quite surprised to see it’s already changed!

  13. Great site for great meal…

  14. Excellent place but said to hear that it doesn’t server yong tau foo, could you please recommend me any other and similar place?

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