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In my previous work assignment at KK, I was fortunate enough to have awesome friends sending me to dinners every night. On one of the nights, Nelson, my biking buddy whom I never biked together with, brought me to one of the more popular Sang Yuk Mian places in town – Jia Xiang Sang Yuk Mian (家香生肉面)

Jia Xiang Sang Yuk Mian at Lintas, Kota Kinabalu
Jia Xiang Sang Yuk Mian at Lintas, Kota Kinabalu

Jia Xiang is located at Lintas, some 10 minutes away from the heart of Kota Kinabalu. The restaurant is opened pretty much the whole day, with a host of rather efficient Philippine workers preparing the various dishes.

For those who aren’t familiar with Sang Yuk Mian, it is basically Sabah’s version of pork noodle. Sang Yuk directly translate to raw pork, as the slices of raw pork are cooked just before serving.

dry version of sang yuk mian, with mixed innards
dry version of sang yuk mian, with mixed innards

Much like pork noodle in other places, there’s dry and soup versions, and both comes with soup that includes pork slices, liver, lard, pork ball, and other types of innards. The dry version also has some minced pork sprinkled on top of the noodle.

The noodle used here (at least at Jia Xiang) is a type that’s quite similar to Japanese soba and thus carry a better texture to it. The dark sauce also gave it a richer flavor.

soup version of sang yuk mian, I love the chilli sauce
soup version of sang yuk mian, I love the chilli sauce

Above all though, what I really enjoyed about sang yuk mian is the chili sauce that comes with the noodle soup, I find it very aromatic and packs a punch. In fact, I wish I can buy some of these chili sauce that’s so common in KK but seemingly unavailable in Klang Valley.

If you’re a fan of pork noodle, give this a try when you’re in KK, there aren’t many other better ways to spend RM 7.

I’d like to thank Nelson for introducing me to this place, he also took me to the pyramid chicken rice place, good times!

map to Jia Xiang sang yuk mian, Kota Kinabalu

Jia Xiang Sang Yuk Mian
Lorong Lintas Plaza
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
GPS: 5.946552, 116.089308

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  1. RealGunners

    LOL, I didn’t know about this dish, until I watched the Sabah Yip Man video clips 😀 . I’m a pork noodles guy, so I would love this!

  2. If i ever end up at this place, i’ll eat mee kosong LOL

  3. We’ve one place here. Heard they came from KK. Was very crowded at the start – I think the novelty has worn off, not so many people now. Not bad – I quite enjoyed it.

  4. KY, it may look good but so dark make some people like me think it very salty.

  5. the part about the chilli sauce packing a punch sounds scary … what about wimps like me who can’t tolerate spiciness very well, heheh 🙂

  6. they got sell the chilli sauce la bro. at the counter $8/btl 🙂 was there over d weekend hehehehe

  7. Just discovered a “sang yoke mian” shop near Kepong, must find one day go try try 😛

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