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A week or so ago I went to KK for a short working trip. Of the many places my career brought me, KK has always been one of my favorite spots, so I was glad that I had the chance to visit the city again after some 7-8 years since I last stepped foot on it.

I was incredibly blessed to have awesome friends from KK for brought me to lunches and dinners while I was there the entire time. After all, you can’t get any better than having local food guides who knows the city in and out.

Wiya Nasi Ayam dan Kedai Kopi, Kota Kinabalu
Wiya Nasi Ayam dan Kedai Kopi, Kota Kinabalu

On the second day, Nelson, whom I got to know through some weird circumstances revolving a possible purchase of Aprilia motorcycle suspension (you can meet people from all sorts of settings kan?), came to my office and took me to the best chicken rice stall in KK for for lunch at Wiya Nasi Ayam dan Kedai Kopi.

steamed chicken, charsiu, and the unique pyramid shaped rice
steamed chicken, charsiu, and the unique pyramid shaped rice

Since there were only two of us, we ordered the steamed chicken and chasiu (bbq pork) with a side of vegetable to go with some rice.

The chicken rice here is served in a distinctive pyramid shape, which was kinda cute though it doesn’t contribute to the way it tastes, obviously. The steamed chicken though, was smooth and quite delicious, with the chasiu tasting pretty decent as well.

As for the often neglected vitamin C entry, this vegetable dish was rather good. In fact, over my stay at KK I’ve found that the vegetable here tasted so much fresher, crunchier, and juicier than their peninsular counterpart.

For those who complains about the lack of good hawker food in KK, this is one place to check out. Thank you Nelson!

map to Wiya chicken rice, Kota Kinabalu

Wiya Nasi Ayam dan Kedai Kopi
Block F, Lot 4,
Jalan Padas, 88000,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
GPS: 5.983967, 116.074422
Tel: 088-214 378

Discuss : KY eats – Wiya Chicken Rice at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

  1. Have not been to KK for many years now but when I went over, I certainly would not want to go for chicken rice. We can have that everywhere – probably nicer ones too. Lots of nice things to eat there…and to “complain about the lack of good hawker food in KK” is grossly unfounded. One would need to know where to go though for the best in the city – I guess that’s the same wherever we go.

    • walau, gist here there, gist everywhere, lmao

    • suituapui: haha, some of my colleagues who were recently assigned to work in KK has been making those complaints, guess they haven’t been exploring much yet. In time I’m sure they’ll manage to find all the good stuff. 😀

  2. KY, good food to satify the hungry stomach. That the kind of eating I enjoy the most.

  3. wow this time in KK! the pyramid rice caught my attention, at least its good to see though it does not contribute to the taste. Presentation counts right? 😀

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