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After I posted the review on the Kuih Teow Soup stall at New Apollos kopitiam at USJ 4, one reader, Ley, commented that I should give the curry chicken pao a try, and on the very next visit, I did just that.

the pao stall at New Apollos, USJ 4
the pao stall at New Apollos, USJ 4

According to Ley, the curry chicken pao is the famous version from Klang with handmade bun.

The stall in fact, offers more than just curry chicken pao, there are also mantau, lor mai kai, lin yong, custard corn, kaya, peanut, vegetable, charsiu, red bean, sang yok, mui choi, black pepper, yam & pork, and big pao. Quite a selection.

the curry chicken pao is actually huge, good for a full meal
the curry chicken pao is actually huge, good for a full meal

The curry chicken pao was huge, not any smaller than a typical big pao that I’m used to. Interestingly, to prevent the curry chicken from making the bun soggy, an aluminium bowl thingy is embedded within to contain the ingredients. So the way to eat this is not exactly you would with typical pao, instead, a pair of chopsticks is provided and it had the feel of having mantao with some awesome curry chicken, I find myself enjoying it!

So if you want a pao that’s out of the ordinary, this is a place to check out, thanks Ley!

map to New Apollos kopitiam, USJ 4

Restaurant New Apollos
2, Jln USJ4/6B
Subang Jaya
GPS: 3.051770, 101.576209
HoursLunch and Breakfast, Closed on Tuesdays

Discuss : KY eats – Curry Chicken Pao at New Apollos, USJ 4

  1. RealGunners

    Unsuspecting patrons would be punked the first time 🙂

  2. mmm…. steamed aluminium….. my daily iron intake

  3. I love the ones in bread/a bun…but not if the curry is covered with cling film. Can’t imagine the plastic being cooked inside….

  4. KY, steamed container inside a bun? If you didn’t wrote about it someone might bite into it and be shock. That would be me . Not sure in states would allowed it for health reason.

    • Vickie: Hahahaha, i’m quite sure since it’s aluminium it’ll be ok, we do the same for baking don’t we all?

  5. pao looks tasty, fun way to have it … hmmm, i’m curious though about whether there’s an ‘old apollos’ outlet somewhere else 🙂

  6. Joyceanne

    I want baked bun with curry chicken and lots of curry sauce without aluminium foil. But if this one taste very very good I will let go my dream bun. Hahahaha.

    • Joyce: without the alu it’ll be all soggyyyy

      • joyceanne

        yes you are right! is there any better idea of when I tear off the bun then sauce will flow into the bun and the “wrapper” is edible?

        • joyceanne: that would be nice wouldn’t it? no such tech exists yet, need engineers like you to figure that out. hahaha.

  7. Do they get the pao from Klang or is it just similar in style? I really like the paos from the Klang shop, especially their vege!

  8. Hi Jodie,

    the get the pao from klang branch, i love the vege pao too 🙂

  9. Sally @ thewinetraveller

    pao looks delicious, fun way to have it … well, i’m interested though about whether there’s an ‘old apollos’ store somewhere else.

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