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As someone who’s born and bred in Penang, we obviously love our hawker dishes, and hence it is always a mission for many of us Penangites to find the local taste right here in KL whenever we can.

New Apollos kopitiam at USJ 4
New Apollos kopitiam at USJ 4

Now when most think about hawker foods in Penang, curry mee, prawn mee, laksa, and char kuih teow is often high on the list, and if you mention kuih teow th’ng (or kuih teow soup), many don’t even realize how difficult it is to find a place that offers the dish here in KL. Hence when I accidentally ended up at Restaurant New Apollos in USJ 4 and saw this stall, I knew it was something I had to order.

proper Penang style kuih teow th'ng
proper Penang style kuih teow th’ng

The operator (not the one in the picture, she was just the helper) speaks Penang Hokkien, which passed the first litmus test whenever I order Penang food.

When the bowl of kuih teow soup arrived, I was already pretty happy. The dish looked the part, with three fishballs, shredded steamed chicken, a few slices of fish cakes, vegetable, fried garlic, and a few bits of lard.

I was well satisfied with the kuih teow soup
I was well satisfied with the kuih teow soup

As for the taste, this RM 5 bowl of goodness hits all the right spots. It might lack strips of duck blood, but the fish balls and fish cakes had the right texture and tasted rather good. Portion was not overly big like other KL hawker dishes, and the shredded chicken cooked just right as well.

In fact, I liked it so much I rode all the way from Damansara Perdana to USJ 4 just for this yesterday. This kuih teow soup is now on the top of my list so far as Klang Valley is concerned.

map to New Apollos kopitiam, USJ 4

Restaurant New Apollos
2, Jln USJ4/6B
Subang Jaya
GPS: 3.051770, 101.576209
Hours: Lunch and Breakfast, Closed on Tuesdays

Discuss : KY eats – Kuih Teow Soup at New Apollos, USJ 4

  1. Looks pretty good, i like the clear soup 😀

  2. MrLonely

    yummies~ XD

  3. Looks different from the ones in Penang but if it’s clear soup, count me in!

    • suituapui: well they use different vegetable but that’s the only difference I believe.

  4. I stay here 🙂 let me intro some good stuff to u, the same shop, they selling the handmade bun (curry chicken pao) is famous from Klang. Dont miss it. Same row, the other end corner shop, is selling yummy chicken rice, from my kampong,very different from what u get to eat in town.

  5. KY, is the soup stock made of pork bones or chicken? What kind of noodle did they use to make this dish? I love fish balls in soup will try to make it at home.

  6. Haven’t tried this.. as good as Penang’s one or not? 😀

    • ciki: This tastes like an average kuih teow soup in Penang, which is plenty good for me! 😀

  7. Is this better than the one in O&S?

  8. Please do try the PanMee at the same place, Apollo Restaurant.
    I have been eating the Aunty’s PanMee for almost 10years, and still loving it until today. Just my humble suggestion. Hope that it does not ruin your taste bud.

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