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It is often said that art is essential in any civilisation, it tells us what our culture is, and defines the era that we live in. In Malaysia, we’ve seen the emergence of street arts in recent years, particularly in wall paintings and murals.

At Ipoh, OLDTOWN white coffee partners with renowned Lithuanian artist, Ernest Zacharevic to create the ‘Art of OLDTOWN’, who is painting murals to celebrate Ipoh, the birthplace of white coffee.

Like many Malaysian, coffee is pretty much essential to my life. It is the beverage of choice every morning (especially on working days), without a cup of good coffee I wouldn’t know how to start the day.

OLDTOWN 3in1 White Coffee within reach
OLDTOWN 3in1 White Coffee within reach

One of the simplest and most convenient way to achieve this is by making myself a cup of OLDTOWN 3in1 white coffee.

I keep some at the office and at home for the time when I need a bit of a boost to continue working, with the only problem being that some of my colleagues tend to come asking for them from time to time.

OLDTOWN art at Jalan Bijih Timah
OLDTOWN art at Jalan Bijih Timah

Anyway, back to the art project initiated by OLDTOWN at Ipoh.

The first piece was done at Jalan Bandar Timah by Ernest Zacharevic as a teaser back in April, the project will showcase seven different murals in Ipoh honoring this birthplace of white coffee.

Old Town at in Ipoh, by Ernest Zacharevic
OLDTOWN art in Ipoh, by Ernest Zacharevic 

The artist expressed how he was amazed by people of Ipoh in the way they are humble yet proud of their hometown, and how he is touched and inspired by the local architecture, culture, food, and people. He also mentioned that it was an honor to work with OLDTOWN, who’s grown successful and yet never neglect its root, heritage, and the people who helped it succeed.

Hummingbird at Ipoh, Ernest Zacharevic
Hummingbird at Ipoh, Ernest Zacharevic 

Do check out the ‘Art of OLDTOWN’ journey at or follow them at Twitter at @OldTown_WCoffee for the latest update of this project, starting 26 May 2014 until 26 June 2014.

In the mean time, I’m going to make me a cup of 3in1 white coffee.

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  1. Now all over California is doing away with plastic bags so people have to bring own tort bags when shopping. It some what good and bad. Have to get into habit of bring one with me. I like ideal of coffee in a bag thing one problem hot drinks will not work at all in it.

    Less trash around .

    • Vickie: less trash around is definitely a good thing, in most places in Malaysia they stopped using plastic bags on Saturdays already.

  2. Love this guy’s works of art. Not a fan of white coffee though – it makes me sleepy. For me, it has got to be white!

  3. I love his works!! I can sit and stare at it for hours.

  4. I do love those wall murals. I saw some in Singapore recent too in Kampong Glam. They give the street so much more character.

  5. Nice shots!

  6. awesome! i have some similar shots too! hope you will like it! 🙂

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