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Several weeks ago when the sky in KL was enveloped with haze, we decided to take a short trip to Fraser’s hill. On the way back down, we took the long route and somehow ended up near the exit of Tanjung Malim, and since we were already there, I thought we might as well stop by Fu Man restaurant for dinner before heading back to the city.

Fu Man restaurant, book ahead if you're going on weekends
Fu Man restaurant, book ahead if you’re going on weekends

Fu Man is located just a few minutes away from the Tanjung Malim highway exit. If you’re heading there on a weekends, be sure to call ahead and book your table. We didn’t, but was lucky enough to get a table located at the alleyway by the side of the restaurant, everything indoor was already fully booked.

signature fried salted pork belly
signature fried salted pork belly

We let the server recommend us a few signature dishes for the two of us, and I’m glad to report that all three dishes were spot on.

The first dish was the fried salted pork belly (RM 18), served with home-made chilli sauce as well as a sweetish sauce with raw garlic. The pork was crispy on the outside and soft within, full of flavour and definitely a delight to eat. I reckon it’ll make excellent beer food too.

fried vegetable, and home-made steamed stuff tofu
fried vegetable, and home-made steamed stuffed tofu

Next up was the home-made steamed stuffed tofu (RM 6). The combination of minced pork and that extra soft tofu went very well with steamed rice. I wish someone would make yong tau foo that tastes exactly like this.

Naturally, our final dish was green, and it came in the form of “choi sum flower”, or basically a crunchier and juicier version of your normal “choi sum”, we enjoyed this too. They’re a lot less fibery and much easier to munch.

RM 39 for the two of us, great value
RM 39 for the two of us, great value

Dinner costs us RM 39 in total for two person, a great value you won’t likely find in the city. If you’re looking for a great meal and won’t mind driving some 70-80 KM up north, be sure to check out this place.

direction to Fu Man restaurant, Tanjung Malim

Restoran Fu Man
No. 39, Jalan U1,
Taman Universiti,
35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak
GPS3.683572, 101.530057
Tel05-4597 620
Hours: 11:30 pm – 2:30 pm, 5:30 pm – 22:30 pm daily

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  1. They refried the pork belly after cutting? Looks like what we have at home after reheating the leftovers, panfried…and without oil. Fat plus salt plus extra oil, goodness gracious me!!! 😀

    • immature

      yes, not for fei jai *points* kekeke

    • suituapui: you brought up an interesting point, I can’t really tell from here but all I know is that they tastes awesome!

  2. immature

    my probation officer wanted to eat here too last year, but he got insulted by the sign “F U Man”. Disgusted, he went to the cafe next door. Kek.

  3. LOL F U Man LOL!

  4. I stopover here once before too and also enjoyed our meal. The pork vinegar trotter was really good!

  5. KY, I see stuffed tofu is very nice dish which I make a lot at home. Tofu I try to make own too.
    Turn out great but too much work to make it still. Rather buy it ready made. I got to try fried pork belly . Was it spicy?

    • Vickie: yah, making stuffed tofu really requires a lot of work, and it’s way too easy to eat too. hahaha.

  6. the yin and yang for this meal is very balanced, ya … got sinful pork belly countered by the power of virtuous veggies plus tofu 😀

  7. I like the look of the tofu. It looks super silky and soft.

  8. Give me that fried pork anytime, I’ll finish the whole plate by myself! 😛

  9. Looks good! But only when I am heading to Penang la haha

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