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Having spent most of my time in KL and Penang, it is easy to have a false sense of perception on how much street food costs. A “standard” plate of hawker dish is supposed to be around RM 4.50 or RM 5.00, no?

Then we went to Sitiawan.

hawker center at Sitiawan wet market
hawker center at Sitiawan wet market

This was a day trip I took earlier this year with Suanie via Kuala Selangor (where we stumbled upon the famous Cendol Bakar).

Not knowing where to eat at Sitiawan, we stopped by the wet marker in the afternoon and was happy to see the food stall in operation. A closer look revealed that most dishes are priced at RM 2.80 per serving!

loh mee & "kan lau" mee
loh mee & “kan lau” mee

I ordered the loh mee while Suan had a plate of their “kan lau” mee. They also serve asam laksa, wantan mee, and clear soup noodle at the same price.

My loh mee was actually rather delicious. It came with a lot of bamboo shoots which I love, and the starchy soup base was flavorful. Suan’s kan lau mee came with a few slices of charsiu, while they’re not exactly very good quality charsiu, it still made a decent plate of brunch.

Suan and KY enjoying tea time
Suan and KY enjoying tea time

If you’re around Lumut or Sitiawan looking for a place for late lunch/tea time snack, this is one of the places to check out and stay within budget. 😀

direction to Sitiawan wet market

Kg. Koh Wet Market
Jalan Lumut,
Sitiawan, Perak
GPS: 4.216096, 100.697822

Tua Pek Kong temple at Sitiawan
Tua Pek Kong temple at Sitiawan

Oh, we also went to perhaps one of the only tourist attractions at Sitiawan – the Tua Pek Kong temple at Jalan Psasir Panjang.

The temple is located by the coast and spots some pretty impressive statues facing the Melaccan straits. There’s also a path where you can walk into the swamp area, a koi pond with loads of fish, and a beautiful garden there.

Like most temple in Malaysia, you don’t have to be a Buddhist to visit.

plenty of statues, a nice koi pond, and jungle walk at Tua Pek Kong temple

Tua Pek Kong Temple
Jalan Pasir Panjang,
Sitiawan, Perak

GPS: 4.163129, 100.688397

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  1. Wow, Jackie Chan telling you where the toilet is? Lol!

  2. I’ve never been to sitiawan 😳

  3. tell suan to stop playing with her phone! 🙂

  4. Sitiawan, Foochow town. Hop over to Sibu and you can compare the two, especially the food. Those who have tried both said our kampua and kompia are way better! Hehehehehe!!!!!

    • suituapui: hahaah you’re right, tho they say the red wine meesuah is awesome at Sitiawan!

  5. KY, food in Malaysia is good deal in food stalls. Unlike in states food trucks food use to low cost but now no more. Due to food now in food truck is more upscale and gourmet. Food you cannot find in restaurants at all. But still cost can be pretty high but you get a good amount of food for your money. I got to see this temple for sure and strange I had dream of it many years ago of place like this.

    • Vickie: places like these aren’t very common in Malaysia either, but you’re right, there are heaps more food stalls in Malaysia compared to US, tho this too is changing here.

  6. immature

    last time i asked piak piak the meen so nice one and so good value one, ah

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