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As previously mentioned, for my invisalign treatment at MyDentist, I find myself at Jalan Ipoh around twice a month. Naturally, I take the opportunity to explore eateries around the area.

Today’s soya sauce chicken rice is one of those places that was suggested by the friendly staff at the dental clinic, thank you Belinda!

soya sauce chicken rice, Jalan Ipoh
soya sauce chicken rice, Jalan Ipoh

The stall is located at a small stretch of hawker centre along the part of Jalan Ipoh that is pretty close to the Jalan Kuching intersection. There are two kopitiam at the same vicinity with chicken rice stalls as well, but those will not be the correct location.

soya sauce chicken, bean sprouts, and pork ball soup
soya sauce chicken, bean sprouts, and pork ball soup

Unlike most chicken rice stalls that offer roast chicken, this place has a pretty unique soya sauce chicken in addition to steamed chicken. The skin is smoother compared to roast version, and carries the aroma of soya sauce. It is not exactly the same as the recipe of soya sauce chicken I posted on this site before, but there are certainly resemblance in taste. It was pretty good.

For a little bit of change up, there’s also fish ball and pork ball soup in addition to bean sprouts. Mixing them up in a dish proves to be a welcoming combination. The standard minced ginger and home-made chilli sauce are presented as condiments as well.

and that makes a simple, cheap, delicious lunch
and that makes a simple, cheap, delicious lunch

A plate of chicken rice is priced at RM 4.50, and they also serve rice noodle in addition to rice.

If you’re looking for chicken rice with a slight twist, check this place out.

map to Jalan Ipoh soya sauce chicken rice

Hawker Centre
Jalan Batu Ambar
by Jalan Ipoh,
Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.202508, 101.674270

Discuss : KY eats – Soya Sauce Chicken at Jalan Ipoh

  1. KY, you got best comfort food to enjoyed. Soy Sauce chicken with rice and some vegetable is most popular food in San Francisco Chinatown for it fast to order for takeout of eat in. I like mine with some char sui too and sauce.

  2. a dentist-approved meal, excellent! i like the circular drizzling of the sauce on top of the rice, a cool artsy effect 🙂

  3. Oh interesting, i like the one here at Hot Bowl, now moved to rangoon road, they have very good smooth white chicken 😀

  4. Ooooo…nice! Pork ball soup, wish they had that here too. I sure would love that a lot. 🙁

  5. immature

    the dirtier the stall, the better it taste, keke

  6. Blogshop owner

    Those meatballs look soooooo delicious!!!

  7. I’ve been hearing about a good chicken rice spot (under a tree) in Jalan Ipoh. I wonder if it’s nearby?

    • The Yum List: this is a different one, I shall blog about that place soon 😀

  8. Haven’t come across any good soya sauce chicken in KL yet, will try this out when I am back to Malaysia. The best I’ve had so far is in Penang @ Hot Bowl White Curry Mee Restaurant! Their chicken is pretty smooth and tender.

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