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I visit MyDentist for my invisalign treatment almost every two weeks at Jalan Ipoh, and since they’re pretty flexible on scheduling, I always try to set it up on Fridays at around lunch time to allow me a chance to explore the surrounding eateries.

Not long ago, thanks to my friend Winnie, who works nearby, we discovered a rather awesoem claypot chicken rice place at Kim Poh kopitiam in Segambut.

Kim Poh claypot chicken rice at Segambut
Kim Poh claypot chicken rice at Segambut

Kedai Makanan Kim Poh is located a little bit away from the main stretch of shops at Segambut, within the housing estate just across the Yu Ai seafood noodle place.

The shop is manned by an old couple (I’m assuming) and the lady has been serving up claypot chicken rice for some 30 years.

clay pot chicken rice always go well with double boiled soup
clay pot chicken rice always go well with double boiled soup

While most claypot chicken rice has everything cooked in the pot with the exception of salted fish (added at the end), at Kim Poh, they add rice wine, dark sauce, fresh ginger, and the salted fish just right before serving. Giving it a fresher and slightly spicier (from ginger) taste that we really enjoy.

mix it up with fresh ginger and salted fish, delicious
mix it up with fresh ginger and salted fish, delicious

Like many other places, Kim Poh also serves pretty delicious steamed soup. There’s usually quite a few varieties to choose from, including salted vegetable with tofu soup, lotus root soup, ginseng with chicken soup, watercress soup and so forth.

These soup go very well with the rice, and I usually choose them over drinks instead.

Winnie & KY at Kim Poh, Segambut
Winnie & KY at Kim Poh, Segambut

With soup, expect to pay about RM 12-14 per person, pretty reasonable for what you get. Waiting time is usually around 10-20 minutes or as they cook everything from scratch.

Try it!

direction to Kim Poh Claypot Chicken Rice, Segambut

Kedah Makanan Kim Poh
Persiaran Segambut Utara
Taman Segambut, Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.182856, 101.677664

Discuss : KY eats – Claypot Chicken Rice at Kim Poh, Segambut

  1. looks good! let’s go during a weekend 😀

  2. I like my claypot rice with a lot of rice wine and A LOT of spring onions 😀

  3. I love claypot rice…chicken or pork (belly) with lap cheong and lots of salted fish. Simply the best! Yum! Yummmmm!!!!!

  4. can’t go wrong with 30 years of experience, ya! the lady owner looks pretty happy to be cooking, which is a good sign! 😀

  5. I haven’t been to Segambut or Jalan Ipoh in ages; and even the roads have changed the last time I passed by the area. Three decades definitely mean something, and everything still looks very traditional; which is a good sign for the quality of their food, eh? 😉

  6. My mom make claypot rice dishes from time to time. Chicken with lup chong and sometime black mushrooms in it. With soy sauce and sesame oil in it before it was cooked and afterward yummy. Chicken sometime with mince ginger mix in it too.

    • Vickie: my mom used to do the same when we were young, with the black mushroom too!

  7. I have such fond memories of claypot chicken rice. It was one of my first loves in Singapore when I moved there nearly 18 years ago!

    • The Yum List: I actually didn’t try this until maybe some ten years ago, it isn’t a popular dish in Penang. 😀

  8. Been searching good claypot chicken rice around Kepong/Segambut area, will try this out see how’s the food. Thanks!

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