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Despite staying at SS3, I seldom venture into the commercial area arguably nearest to where I stay for dinner. Restaurant Double Joy was actually introduced by Shiang, one of my futsal buddies, who was in turn introduced to this “tai chao” place by one of his friends, a regular customer.

Restaurant Double Joy, PJ SS3
Restaurant Double Joy, PJ SS3

The restaurant is located at an unassuming shop lot on Jalan SS 3/37. Parking is usually a pretty simple affair, but the restaurant does get crowded if you don’t get there early enough.

The dining area is air conditioned (except for a couple tables on the walk way), and the place is kept pretty clean and comfortable for a restaurant of this standard.

3 cup chicken, fish head with fermented soya bean, simple vege dish
3 cup chicken, fish head with fermented soya bean, simple vege dish

For the five of us, we ordered four dishes to go with steamed rice for dinner.

The three cup chicken was quite flavorful but slightly to the sweeter side, which goes well with steamed rice and a bit of chili padi. For those who likes a stronger tasting chicken cooked in clay pot, “fa tiu kai” would be a better choice, and my favorite would be the version at Kien Kee Seri Kembangan (which also serves very good spicy soup).

The fish head with fermented soya bean is one of the dishes that’s quite special. The sauce hits the palate just the right way. If you’re a fan of fish head, this is a version that you must try.

clay pot pork with yam
clay pot pork with yam, best consume while piping hot

Another unique dish here was the clay pot pork with yam. The pork was very tender, and the yam cooked to the point they pretty much blend together with the sauce. It was a dish that is very rich and satisfying, but also one that you have to eat while piping hot, lest it become too overwhelmingly sticky. I really enjoyed this.

As always, we also ordered a plate of green vegetable to satisfy the illusion of ingesting some fiber with vitamin C. This dish was not very eventful, but aren’t they always?

5 of us had these four dishes, recommended by Shiang
5 of us had these four dishes, recommended by Shiang

The meal came to be around RM 15 or so per person, I’d put Restaurant Double Joy right up there with the likes of Lucky Loke so far as tai chau goes, and would love to re-visit to try their other dishes again.

direction to Restaurant Double Joy

Restaurant Double Joy
27 Jalan SS 3/37,
Taman Universiti,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.09739, 101.61333
Tel012-673 1889

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  1. Had that claypot with yam dish here once – bubbling away, it reminded me of the mud pools in Rotorua… 🙁

    • suituapui: yaaa, as long as you eat them fast enough before it gets cold, heavenly!

  2. The claypot with yam looks really thick. Root veges are a great way to thicken a broth if you cook them long enough.

    • The Yum List: that’s true, can do the same with potato, carrots, etc as well.

  3. Vickie

    KY, first time I had 3 Cups Chicken was in Taipei. My late father said at that time 3 Cups Chicken started out in brothels in China and Taiwan to served customers who want to spend more in brothels. My mom question him how did he knew of this. Ha Ha. That was long ago.

    Now I like to make this dish at home for it easy.

    • Vickie: I haven’t yet try cooking 3 cup chicken at home, I think it’s not too different from the soya sauce chicken I sometimes make, just slightly different mixture of ingredients. Should try it some day.

  4. Its very interesting to see that the yam literally melted and i actually prefer this version over those that serve yam in big chunks

  5. The prices are really reasonable… nowadays in Cheras tai chow cost about RM25 per person at least.

    • Baby Sumo: I wouldn’t have guessed that Cheras would be more expensive than PJ!

  6. I had similar yam dish with chicken & I love it, maybe I’m a fan of yam 😛

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