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Whenever everyone mentioned Penang, char kuih teow is surely one of the topics of conversation, and inevitably the issue of where about to have the best char kuih teow will come up.

The answer varies depending on who you asks. Many will mention the two Lorong Selamat hawkers, some will mention Ah Leng CKT, while others will point to Siam Road char kuih teow, our topic of the day.

the stall is located at the corner of Siam Road
the stall is located at the corner of Siam Road 

The char kuih teow stall is located at Siam Road by the intersection of Anson Road, just right opposite Hock Ban Hin kopitiam where you can consume your precious plate of char kuih teow.

The old uncle has been in this trade for decades, and business seems to be ever more popular. Wait time can be quite brutal if you are there on a Saturday afternoon (we waited for almost an hour), so don’t go there when you’re starving.

glorious char kuih teow that packs a punch
glorious char kuih teow that packs a punch

The char kuih teow (RM 5.50) here is rather old school, it’s plenty oily but with good “wok hei”. The prawns are of decent size but not of the giant “gourmet” variety found at Lorong Selamat, and there’s lap cheong (Chinese sausage), cockles, chives, bean sprouts, kuih teow, and more importantly, chunks of fried lard as well.

chunks of fried pork lard can be found in this dish
chunks of fried pork lard can be found in this dish

I also find the char kuih teow here a bit more spicy than other places, but well within most Penangite’s tolerance level (seeing that we love our curry mee, prawn mee etc).

If you’re a char kuih teow lover, this is one of the places that you’ll have to try at least once.

direction to siam road char kuih teow

Siam Road char kuih teow
Jalan Siam,
10400 Penang
GPS: 5.415456, 100.320352
Hours3pm-11pm, closed on Mondays

As previously mentioned, for my invisalign treatment at MyDentist, I find myself at Jalan Ipoh around twice a month. Naturally, I take the opportunity to explore eateries around the area.

Today’s soya sauce chicken rice is one of those places that was suggested by the friendly staff at the dental clinic, thank you Belinda!

soya sauce chicken rice, Jalan Ipoh
soya sauce chicken rice, Jalan Ipoh

The stall is located at a small stretch of hawker centre along the part of Jalan Ipoh that is pretty close to the Jalan Kuching intersection. There are two kopitiam at the same vicinity with chicken rice stalls as well, but those will not be the correct location.

soya sauce chicken, bean sprouts, and pork ball soup
soya sauce chicken, bean sprouts, and pork ball soup

Unlike most chicken rice stalls that offer roast chicken, this place has a pretty unique soya sauce chicken in addition to steamed chicken. The skin is smoother compared to roast version, and carries the aroma of soya sauce. It is not exactly the same as the recipe of soya sauce chicken I posted on this site before, but there are certainly resemblance in taste. It was pretty good.

For a little bit of change up, there’s also fish ball and pork ball soup in addition to bean sprouts. Mixing them up in a dish proves to be a welcoming combination. The standard minced ginger and home-made chilli sauce are presented as condiments as well.

and that makes a simple, cheap, delicious lunch
and that makes a simple, cheap, delicious lunch

A plate of chicken rice is priced at RM 4.50, and they also serve rice noodle in addition to rice.

If you’re looking for chicken rice with a slight twist, check this place out.

map to Jalan Ipoh soya sauce chicken rice

Hawker Centre
Jalan Batu Ambar
by Jalan Ipoh,
Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.202508, 101.674270

Several weeks ago I was invited to one of the most unique dining experiences at Chyuan’s Tiffin Underground Supper Club.

While popular in some parts of the world, the idea of supper club is relatively new in Malaysia. It is basically a private dining affair at someone’s residence with with a menu of the chef’s choosing. A sort of omakase or degustation menu at a more intimate dining setup restaurants can’t provide.

Chyuan's Tiffin Underground Supper Club
Chyuan’s Tiffin Underground Supper Club

Chyuan’s Tiffin is located at Endah Promenade at Seri Peataling, while it is an “underground” supper club, the premise is actually pretty high up in the air with a great view of KL city.

Chef Raymond Kwong, Chef Muk and Chef Eddie Kwong are the three contributors to this idea. Chef Muk specialises in Thai cuisine while the two guys in Nyonya recipes. The combination works well for my kind of taste. 

our dinner for the night, mixture of Nyonya and Thai delights
our dinner for the night, mixture of Nyonya and Thai delights

Chyuan’s Tiffin caters group of 4-8 people per dining session (call or enquire on FB, more people = cheaper). Our review session was for party of seven. When we arrived in the evening, the mixture of Thai & Nyonya affair was already mostly prepared.

Thai laksa, steamed tilapia, raw prawn salad, fried chicken with lime leaves
Thai laksa, steamed tilapia, raw prawn salad, fried chicken with lime leaves

We started out with raw prawn salad that’s served with home made green chilli dip that packs a punch. The raw crystal prawn here reminds me of the one we had at Thai Garden Village at Kepong, except better.

The Thai laksa has a thick broth with sardine fish as one of the main ingredients, together with rice noodle, mint, basil leaves, and some sambal, made for an excellent main dish. Many of us went for second.

The steamed tilapia was stuffed with herbs and best consumed by wrapping chunks of it with lettuce and mint leaves, a dash of the same green chilli dip and you’ve got a winner.

steamed banana cake & santan marshmallow, petai with prawn, salted fish tofu
steamed banana cake & santan marshmallow, petai with prawn, salted fish tofu

Fried chicken with lime leaves is a dish best consumed while hot, so perhaps it lost some crispiness while we took our time taking photos, I did like the fact that copious amount of garlic is used.

Petai is one of my all time favorite Asian food ingredients, hence it is suffice to say taht I really enjoyed the stinky bean stir fry with kaffir lime. The dish isn’t overly strong, and having it prepared in a non spicy way provided a welcoming change.

The salted fish tofu is another pretty interesting dish, if you like “cincalok”, you’d love the pairing of this slightly harder type of tofu with it.

Haze and KY showing the biggest and smallest tea set
Haze and KY showing the biggest and smallest tea sets

For dessert, I really enjoyed the santan marshmallow and the steamed banana cake  with coconut milk. However, the Coconut Cake with Green Peas Paste and Coconut Meat wasn’t executed to perfection as it should.

Overall though, it was a very unique experience with pretty good food. If you haven’t tried anything like this before, give them a call.

direction to Endah Promenade, Seri Petaling

Chyuan’s Tiffin Underground Supper Club
Endah Promenade,
Seri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.063769, 101.697083
Tel012-917 6268

The article on Oriental Daily for  NTV7 Foodie Blogger (愛食客) TV program is finally out last Wednesday (21/5/2014). 

The article is of course, all about Ernest Chong (张顺源), the host of the TV program, while I play second fiddle as the invited guest of the day. This was my first time on a Chinese newspaper, which means I’ve now appeared in newspaper articles of all three major languages, woohoo!

Oriental Daily article on NTV7 Foodie Blogger TV program
Oriental Daily article on NTV7 Foodie Blogger TV program

For the article, we went to the Taman Connaught Pasar Malam for 3 challenges whereby we, with the help of the hawker stall operator, come up with our own preparation of the food, then serve it to the public to get votes. The first challenge was the stinky tofu, follow by salted pau and potted ice cream.

salted fish pau challenge
salted fish pau challenge

Whenever someone votes for either of us, we get a little NTV7 sticker. At the end I collected 14 to Ernest’s 12 or 13 stickers, but he won the 1st and 3rd challenges while I only came up top for the sauce I made for salted pau. I had the majority votes, I guess, but like general elections in Malaysia, it’s the number of seats won that matters.

No prize anyway, hahaha, it was all fun!

Foodie Blogger airs on Thursday 10pm, I’m the guest on the segment that features KL hawker foods that should be aired in a few weeks.

potted ice cream challenge
potted ice cream challenge

Here’s the full article copied from Oriental Daily. Interestingly, the writer, the artist, and myself all shared the same surname 张.

《爱食客》街头拉票嚇路人 张顺源最怕臭豆腐


张心怡 报导












map to Taman Connaught Pasar Malam

Taman Connaught Pasar Malam
Connaught Highway & Jalan Pantas
Cheras, Selangor
GPS3.081564, 101.734068
Hours: Every Wednesday Evening

Korean food is usually associated with retractable chimneys on every table with meat grilling on the stove and a plethora of small dishes everywhere. Well, that sort of formula is glorious for weekend dinners, but not exactly practical or economical for lunch.

Then we have the lunch sets at Onsemiro Korean restaurant at the Intermark.

Onsemiro Korean Fine Dining restaurant at Intermark KL
Onsemiro Korean Fine Dining restaurant at Intermark KL

Onsemiro is located at the end of the second floor at the Intermark Mall, right above the entrace to Double Tree Hilton. On the outside, the restaurant is much bigger than the exterior would have you believed, with classy decoration, semi-open kitchen, and a side of wall displaying wine and soju to choose from as well.

spicy tofu soup set, RM 25++
spicy tofu soup set, RM 25++

Unlike most Korean restaurants, Onsemiro is pork free (which can be a blessing or a curse, depending on the individual), so dishes that comes with pork traditionally, such as kimchi jiggae, is substituted with chicken. The result turns rather decent though.

For lunch, there are quite a lot of sets to choose from, with pricing started at about RM 20 to RM 40 and up. If you’re flash an Intermark pass card, there’s a 10% discount too.

lunch sets starts at around RM 20 upwards, with plenty to choose from
lunch sets starts at around RM 20 upwards, with plenty to choose from

One of my favorite lunch sets there is the spicy tofu soup that packs quite a bit of punch in intensity. There’s half a crab in the soup, silky smooth tofu, and of course, kimchi. The set also comes with six banchan (small dishes) and rice (you can ask for cold noodle too). Additionally, every set is followed by desserts.

Their beef short ribs set (RM 43++) is rather delicious as well, and my colleagues reported that the beef patties were more than satisfactory too.

If you work nearby, try this, but do call ahead for booking as it tends to get packed everyday.

directions to Intermark, KL

Onsemiro Korean Fine Dining
The Intermark,
Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.16154, 101.71996
Tel: 03-2161 2461