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The golden standard of bak kut teh is the soup, that strong herbal taste with a thick porky flavour that we all love, and almost without fail, we would ask for refill… or so I thought.

A couple weekends ago we were introduced to Ah Her bak kut teh by a local Klang girl and her family. According to her, this is a place where you get perhaps 1/3 bowl of soup, and there’s no refill, but it would be one of the best bak kut teh you’d ever had.

I must say that I had my doubts.

Ah Her bak kut teh at Pandamaran, Klang
Ah Her bak kut teh at Pandamaran, Klang

Her in Ah Her means fire in local Hokkien dialect, and I suppose that’s just the boss’ name.

Located between Jalan Polis and Jalan Chianniah deep within Klang town, Ah Her bak kut teh’s set up was not unlike many food courts, semi alfresco with a zinc roof on top, plenty of electric fans, and no walls. On the Sunday that we were there, the place was packed. Business starts at about 5-6 pm and the last bowl of bak kut teh goes out before 8:30 pm.

yep, that's all the soup you get here
Ah Her bak kut teh at Pandamaran, Klang

Bak kut teh here is served in their individual bowl (RM 9 per bowl) and you get to choose the cut that you like, there’s intestine, big bone, small bone, 3 layer pork, stomach, ribs, and more.

The locals usually order their favorite and basically eat their from their own bowl, but it’s not uncommon to share. Another place with similar style would be Mo Sang Kor at Taman Berkeley, also at Klang.

Like what the photo shows, you don’t get a lot of soup.

ribs, fatty meat, intestines, 3 layer pork, big bones, take your pick
ribs, fatty meat, intestines, 3 layer pork, big bones, take your pick

The real deal here, to me, is the meat. It was by far the tastiest pork I’ve had, full of intense herbal flavor that is somehow not overpowering, and all cooked till it’s so tender you could cut them using the spoon.

The soup too was very thick and strong, almost consistency of stew. I really love it, even though there’s no extra serving. You truly learn to appreciate and treasure them.

thank you Angel and family, it was a great dinner
thank you Angel and family, it was a great dinner

If you’re a bak kut teh lover, you owe it to yourself to make a drive to this place. I went to another bak kut teh a couple weeks later and find myself not being able to finish, gahh.

Now I really want to try all the other bak kut teh in Klang.

map to Ah Her bak kut teh, Klang

Ah Her bak kut teh
jucntion between Jalan Police & Jalan Chianniah
Pandamaran, Klang
GPS: 3.006168, 101.413631
Tel: 012-370 1217

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  1. Ahhh… though i am not a fan of pork but i would love to have a sip on the soup 😀

  2. BKT’s not my favourite but I wouldn’t mind it sometimes for a change, Yes, nicer if stronger herbal fragrance.

  3. I’m yet to make it to Klang for BKT. Must try harder to get there.

  4. love your description of the pork. you make me wanna waze my way to klang! 🙂

  5. Hi, may I know how do you draw the map? With what program? 😳

  6. KY, last time I got the mix to make bak kut teh. It taste herb like and I like it still. Never had it with rice will try it next time.

  7. immature

    oh…. my…. gawd….. 😛

  8. immature

    oh my gawd… chao gong pic…. alert alert…. chao gong chao gong

  9. I like to drink BKT soup but that one is too thick & no refill allowed? 🙄

  10. who is the blue dress girl ?

  11. Thks. For. Supporting….
    Ah her.bak kut. Teh…had. another. Store. At…lot ten hutong foodcourt. Malacca…
    The. Shore. Shopping. Gallery. 2nd. Floor….own by. Ah her bakkutteh. Son……please. keep. Supporting….tq

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