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While most people have a set group of lunch buddies at workplace, I tend to join different groups of colleagues and friends for lunch escapades, maximising the opportunity to try something different.

Today’s adventure brought us to the R&R Bukit Awan, somewhere near OUG & Bukit Jalil on the Shah Alam Highway. Our target was Restoran A. Hassan for some Ayam Kampung.

Hassan Ayam Kampung at R&R Awan Besar, Lebuhraya Shah Alam
Hassan Ayam Kampung at R&R Awan Besar, Lebuhraya Shah Alam

Our “tour guide” of the day was Lukman, who previously introduced us to another equally excellent Restoran Salero Negori at Dato’ Keramat.

I was a little bit skeptical on a place at a highway stopover, but when we were greeted with the huge lunch crowd at the place, any doubt I had instantly went away.

they have more than ayam goreng kampung
they have more than ayam goreng kampung

While the restaurant pride itself on Ayam Goreng Kampung (deep fried village chicken), there are plenty of other dishes to choose from. Much like most nasi kandar places, there’s a wide variety of curry with fish, chicken, beef, lamb, and vegetables. One thing for sure though, there isn’t many dishes that aren’t spicy.

we had chicken, beef curry, ulam, and plenty of sambal
we had chicken, beef curry, anchovies, ulam, and plenty of sambal

For the four of us, we took 6 pieces of ayam goreng kampung, a plate of beef curry, sambal anchovies, and a healthy serving of ulam (raw vegetable to be consumed with sambal).

The chicken, being their signature dish, was not a let down at all. The meat was firm yet tender and full of flavor, adding a bit of sambal and you’ve got yourself a winner. The beef and anchovies proved to be worthy companion dishes as well.

such a lovely lunch, thank you Lukman for bringing me there
such a lovely lunch, thank you Lukman for bringing me there

The meal totalled up to be slightly over RM 10 per person including drinks. I’ve never had a highway stopover meal nearly as good, this is a place I’ll definitely go again.

map to R&R Awan Besar

Other than Awan Besar R&R, Restoran A. Hassan also has branches at Kampung Baru, Shah Alam, USJ Taipan, and Puchong.

Restoran A. Hassan Ayam Kampung
R &R Awan Besar (West Bound)
Lebuhraya Shah Alam
47100 Kuala Lumpur
Hours: Lunch and Dinner

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  1. wah, this is just five minutes from my place in sri petaling, and i’ve driven on this highway on the way to sunway, subang and pj countless times, but i never knew there was good food here! must stop by someday also 😀

  2. They are so generous on the sambal and the ulam looks fresh! you must be a huge fan of malay rice haha

  3. They gave you a lot of food and price is not too bad also. This place is great eating.

  4. I usually avoid those highway rest stops. Good to see there’s hope. 😉

  5. Amazing, we remember passing this place on our recent trip, it was so crowded when we arrived we went on further down the shah highway towards Subang. Now I wish we had waited. I guess its like anywhere else, including cities like London, some great, some good, some bad, some very bad

    • Gerome: yah, most highway stop areas don’t have good food, this is an exception rather than the rule.

  6. Sedap sungguh ayam kampung ni. Naik selera.

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