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Choosing a property for long term living is a bit of a tricky art. It is always a balance between affordability, location, quality of property, as well as it’s surrounding and the area of development.

For those who are more in tune with nature and treasure a more tranquil living style, Klang Valley might not necessarily be the best choices, especially when factoring in the current situation of property prices.

Which brings us to Ivory Villa at Perdana College Heights by Seri Pajam Development, a pretty new development area located about 40+ kilometers away from KL city center.

Ivory Villa at Seri Pajam, Negeri Sembilan
Ivory Villa at Seri Pajam Development, Negeri Sembilan

A couple weeks ago, I visited the Semi-Detached units at Ivory Villa to get a sense of what living in one would be like.

First of all, the location.

While locating in Negeri Sembilan, access to Perdana College Height is actually pretty good. It is right next to the Kajang-Seremban Highway and less than 8km away from North South Highway.

Getting to KLCC via Kajang-Seremban/Silk highway takes about 45 minutes, and perhaps an hour or so during rush hours. Albeit a longer journey, it beats getting stuck in the traffic heading to KL from somewhere like Puchong where a one way trip can sometimes take up to two hours (I have a friend who spends 3-4 hours on daily commute from Puchong Permai to KL.

ground floor of Ivory Coast unit
ground floor of Ivory Villa unit

Then there’s space and affordability. There is simply nowhere within an hour’s access to KL city centre where you can find a new Semi-Detached house with this size and quality as you would at Ivory Villa. The land area starts at 6,562 sq. ft, with built up of 3,371 sq. ft.

There’s very good size private garden (I’d build a big koi pond!) and a separate car porch that can comfortably park three cars under the roof, with probably another two cars on the driveway.

second floor of Ivory Villa unit
second floor of Ivory Villa unit

The interior of the unit is a statement of luxury. The living and dining area is huge, with enough space for a wet kitchen and bar/dry kitchen, two bedrooms, and study area. I also particularly like the high ceiling all throughout the unit.

Upstairs has another family hall, a huge master bedroom with super high ceiling, and further 3 more bedrooms. Every single bedroom in the house come with attached bathrooms too, and there are two balconies on the first floor.

semi-D unit, Ivory Villa, Seri Pajam
semi-D unit, Ivory Villa, Seri Pajam Development

If you’re in the market for a property, take a look at Ivory Villa or some of the other developments by Seri Pajam Development. Take a visit to the showroom and check it out.

More information can be found atย, and if you have questions, visit their facebook page atย

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  1. wow nice house and complete everything.

  2. WAH banyak atas! Are you buying one? Do remember to invite me if you are throwing a party ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Oooo…nice! Far from KL though but would be great to be out of the madness in the city centre.

  4. Looks like a very spacious building. I guess when you leave the city centre, you have more access to space.

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