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Before the gourmet burger craze that seems to be sweeping through Klang Valley, there was Ramly burger.

While many Ramly burger stalls offer the same set of menu with standard beef and chicken patties pairing egg, cheese, and the usual lettuce/cabbage, onion, chili sauce, and mayonnaise, there are some that steps up the game.

One of such places is Burger Bobby Simpang 3.

Burger Bobby Simpang 3
Burger Bobby Simpang 3

Burger Bobby was started by the man behind the stall some 10 years ago. Located at Lembah Keramat (a few minutes away from Zoo Negara), it is a burger stall with a few tables under a canopy set up in front of the proprietor’s house.

Prosperity Tiesto Single Special Cheese
Prosperity Tiesto Single Special Cheese

The menu is pretty extensive for a burger stall, other than the usual beef, chicken, fish burgers and hotdogs, there’s also some messier options such as their “Prosperity” range of Tiesto (lamb) and Lambo (beef) burgers.

Prices for normal burger starts at RM 3.50 for single patty to triple special cheese prosperity Tiesto burger at RM 19.00.

For dinner just before my futsal session at Ampang Sports Planet, I ordered a single special cheese Tiesto burger (RM 9.00).

it's a messy affair and I loved it
it’s a messy affair and I loved it

The burger was about twice the size of standard Ramly burger, and at least thrice as messier, a cacophony of lettuce, onion, plenty of chili sauce with a decent sized lamb patty wrapped in fried egg and cheese wedged between sesame bun. It was actually rather delicious.

Good thing that they have a hand washing area by the side. Looks like I’m going to be following my futsal buddies there more often next time.

map to Bobby Burger Simpang 3

Burger Bobby Simpang 3
No 5 Jalan AU 5C/1
Lembah Keramat 
54200 Kuala Lumpur
GPS3.202145, 101.754651
Tel013-640 2237
Hours: 4pm to 4am daily

Discuss : KY eats – Burger Bobby Simpang 3

  1. Woohoo, looks so good! This you definitely can’t find in Sydney haha.

  2. Err…. okay… that’s messy. LOL

  3. I’ve always have ramly craving every now and then. This one is really smart to set up with canopy and tables! 🙂 love that. If I’m around that area, I’ll check them out for sure. ^^

  4. KY, some people look like when eating a pile high burger about to attack it.
    My friends took a pictures of each other and me and look like all about to kill that burger. We all had that animal look in our eyes and faces.

    • Vickie: hahaha, that’s quite common when it comes to delicious food that you can hold in your hands, no?

  5. Acepinjaman

    Wow the burger looks delicious and rich in taste..thanks for sharing..

  6. Too soggy la, the bun pecah and unable to hold and eat the burger….

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