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I love a good bowl of bak kut teh, and while it is generally true that you often get the best bak kut teh at Klang, going all the way to the “ah beng country” isn’t always practical.

For those who aren’t familiar with bak kut teh, there are actually two versions. There’s the thicker broth infused with pork bones typical of Klang’s style, and then there’s the Teow Chew version that is lighter but more herbal.

bak kut teh, best served with yau char kuai
bak kut teh, best served with yau char kuai

Heong Kee at Seapark is a bak kut the stall that offers one of the better Teow Chew style bak kut teh.

The unassuming stall is situated just a stone’s throw away from the KFC at Seapark (which is also the first KFC I visited in Klang Valley more than 20 years ago, but that’s not the topic for today.) There are about half a dozen foldable tables by the stall, with a canopy just in case the weather turns back.

ideal for quick dinner, so long as weather permits
ideal for quick dinner, so long as weather permits

I like the fact that the meat here is always very well cooked, and while the soup is not the most intense, my taste buds are happy with them. You can also add enoki mushroom, yau char kuai, and innards.

A meal here will cost about RM 10-12 per person, they also serve pork tripe soup, vegetable and a few other dishes here.

map to seapark bak kut teh

Heong Kee Bak Kut Teh (香记肉骨茶)
Jalan 21/19
SEApark, Petaling Jaya
GPS: 3.108940, 101.622140

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  1. 😉 I just want to say…KY, Haze sure look so chic in her short do. She wear it very well. I never had bak kut teh before just Cantonese bak kut soup with radish. Maybe I need to look for a mix to make it in San Francisco. Only thing is taste if it good and true to one you had.

    • Vickie: thanks! and I think those radish soup gets quite close to BKT but lacking the intense herbal flavor, you gotta try it if and when you come to Malaysia 😀

  2. Yea i’d love to have a sip on that invigorating soup on a chilly evening 😀

  3. That is not TeoChew style BKT,
    which is non-herbal, light and peppery.

    This is more like watered down KL version of Klang BKT.
    Telltale, the meat are always dry on a separate pot/tray
    then cut into sizes before putting in soup.

    Well, whatever version, BKT is heaven sent food.

  4. I really haven’t tried many BKTs. Thanks for the tip about there being two types.

  5. bkt looks good, and yay that they’re open for dinner 🙂 i wonder what the ‘old abandoned cinema’ here might become someday, once someone decides to redevelop it. hopefully a complex with more makan options maybe! 😀

  6. I’m from ah beng country and I’m offended. 👿
    But please do come here more often for our lovely BKT.

  7. i want to know the story about the first KFC u visited in klang valley, because im staying in sea park 😀

    • nic: Hahah, yah the KFC at seapark was the one I visited first, over 20 years ago when I came down here for Beyond’s concert!

  8. Tried to vidit two times d. Always not there. Is it still in business?

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