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On my last trip back to Penang, I caught up with my sister for late lunch, and since she is a lot more well versed with Penang food than me (not having stayed on the island the past 20 years), I naturally asked her to suggest a place.

We ended up at Hai Beng kopitiam for some good old fashion Hainan Lor Mee (卤面)

Hai Beng kopitiam at Pulau Tikus, Penang
Hai Beng kopitiam at Pulau Tikus, Penang

Situated at the junction of Jones Road and Burma Road, Hai Beng kopitiam is a typical Chinese run coffee shop that serves breakfast and lunch with a variety of hawker stalls, including the lor mee and a Malay nasi kandar stall which is rather popular (another post on another day).

Parking isn’t too hard to come by, and with plenty of trees around the premise, the restaurant is rather comfortable too.

plenty of extra ingredients for your choosing
plenty of extra ingredients for your choosing

The Lor Mee has been around since the independence of the country, and offers many add ons if you crave for extra porky goodness. This includes lor bak (卤肉), pig’s ear, 3-layer pork, pork knuckle, intestine, and so forth.

wholesome loh mee, we added some pork skin

wholesome loh mee, we added some pork skin

For lunch, we ordered lor mee with pork skin. It comes with the usual ingredients of noodle and meehun, bean sprouts, pork slices, hard boiled eggs, and those thick, flavorful gravy. Splash some home made chili sauce and fresh garlic paste and you have a bowl of awesome hawker delights worthy of instagram, and your stomach.

Unlike most hawker stalls that offers lor mee in conjunction with Hokkien mee (also known as prawn mee), this stall specialized only on lor mee, all for RM 4 (small), and RM 5.50 (big). Of course, you pay a bit more for additional ingredients.

Now, I need to find a good version in KL.

map of hai beng kopitiam, Jalan Burma, Penang

Hainan Lor Mee
Kedai Kopi Hai Beng
Jones Road  & Burma Road, Penang
GPS: 5.42902,100.314096

Discuss : KY eats – Hainan Lor Mee at Hai Beng kopitiam, Penang Burma Road

  1. Oh yes, theirs good, one of my favorites too. I like their generosity for letting customers to add chili paste/ garlic sauce the way they like but the serving portion can be too small for me at times 😳

  2. Had this once – dunno if it’s the same place, my friend took me to eat. Nice, great for a change from the usual Penang stuff.

  3. extra garlic paste for me please! 😀

  4. KY, I like the true essence local food when I was in Taiwan. My cousins took me to a fancy restaurant which I found not true local style Taiwanese. Next day my uncle took me to local food stalls and cafe and I love it very much. I see your sister pick very good place to eat.

    When I visit my cousin in Singapore going to hit all the food stalls there oh boy.

    • Vickie: you’re going to love it! Singapore has some good street foods too if you know where to go.

  5. i am a hainanese but never a fan of loh mee. lol

  6. Loh mee is a Hainanese cuisine? First time reading about it. Pig’s ears and all that sorts, wouldn’t go wrong with anything…..

  7. Lor mee and hokkien mee aretop favorite food in Penang and I love mixing them up. There are lots of themed cafes’ and restaurant opening up in Penang . It will be great if you have the time to try out and write review on that!

  8. Hainan Lor Mee already moved next door to 218 Jalan Burma. New stall took over at Hai Beng Kopitiam.

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