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Earlier this month, I decided to bring Haze to somewhere quiet and relaxing for a short birthday holiday after a super busy end of 2013.

After a bit of research, I chose picked The Dusun for a night stay, recalling the blogpost kinkybluefairy wrote about the place a couple years ago.

vacation in the rainforest, The Dusun
vacation in the rainforest, The Dusun

Dusun translates to plantation in Malay, and this is precisely what this place was, and still is, a small family run resort situated within a durian and other tropical fruits plantation about an hour away from KL city.

Started in 1984 as a private family retreat, the couple turned it into a nature resort in 2009. It started out with two houses, and since expanded to five unique houses  that fits 2-5 adults each.

our room at the Berembun House, with a bathroom and kitchen
our room at the Berembun House, with a bathroom and kitchen

Each houses come with bathroom, a private kitchen, BBQ set, and are situated apart from each other. We chose Berembun House for the night as it is closest to one of the two infinity pools at the resort, with an expansive view over the Berembun forrest reserve.

lovely infinity swimming pool
lovely infinity swimming pool

While the chalet style room is only big enough to house a queen size bed and a small furniture somewhat resembling a closet, there’s a huge deck and a big outdoor carved bench to laze about.

There isn’t air condition units nor you really need one at this resort. The Dusun is located about 250 meters above sea level, making it a few Celsius below average and rather windy and comfortable at night.

took a well deserved afternoon swim
took a well deserved afternoon swim

The swimming pool too was gorgeous, it isn’t much for swimming laps, but that’s not what we went there for anyway.

After a dipping session while admiring the nature, we also spent some time playing boardgames that’s available with the room. It was a bliss staying away from all that city noise.

dinner was a self-cooked BBQ affair
dinner was a self-cooked BBQ affair

Being a small resort, The Dusun doesn’t have an in-house restaurant, what they provide tho is a private kitchen at every house and a BBQ pit with charcoal. So for dinner, I marinated some chicken chops and bought along a fish and a couple sweet potato for grilling. We also ended up buying some brinjal and sambal at the local grocery store 5 minutes away.

We had a great dinner under the stars that night, it was awesome.

breakfast and a walk around the fruit plantation
breakfast and a walk around the fruit plantation

Fortunately, breakfast is included, and we were served coffee, fresh juice, toast, and scrambled eggs the next morning right at the table on our balcony.

We then spent some time walking about the surrounding area before heading back to the reality of city life.

Other activities provided at the resort includes jungle trekking to a nearby waterfall, bird watching, massage, and even fishing trip. For a longer stay, those distractions will be quite welcomed.

I can get used to holidays like this.

map to The Dusun, Negeri Sembilan

The Dusun
Pantai New Village
Negeri Sembilan
GPS: 2.8018, 102.0151

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  1. mmmm seem like a good place for a short retreats..and i’m looking forward for a BBQ retreats too!

  2. damnnn this is a fine place for a weekend break and should get a few friends along for a nice bbq

  3. Nice hairdo Haze got. It a rage now for a shorter cut now. I try it some time ago but feel it did not suit me so back to long hair.

    • Vickie: haha, maybe there are certain types of short hairstyle that suits you?

      • Well The problen is I am 5’8 and my younger sister ten years younger also 5’8. My late father was from Taiwan and was Northern Chinese. Mom born in states is Cantonese.

  4. Kinda reminds me of Sekeping Serendah, been meaning to check out Dusun too. How is the kitchen here? Is it fairly well-equipped? In SS, we ended up bringing quite a few kitchen utensils

    • Lainie: I considered SS too before settling for Dusun. Utensils were sufficient for two of us.

  5. Sounds like a great getaway. Maybe ask my Hubby to bring me for my next birthday. Haha!

  6. Looks like a perfect place for a short getaway!

  7. This looks so relaxing and peaceful. I think a good dose of nature is a cure many illnesses. Nice to see French press coffee for brekkie.

  8. What price thouPictures speak a thousand words…
    Price for comparison will speak even louder…

    • PPKia: we paid about RM 400 for the night, ranges from 400-900+ depending on size and dates.

  9. Seems like a place to be out of no where and relax =D I guess no internet/line at all in the Dusun area???

  10. Went here and saw the biggest bugs in my life. Bugs, there are like 20-30 of them early in the morning. 😯

  11. Baby durian!

    such city escapades are fun!

  12. Hi, I have just checked out the dusun’s booking webpage. However, it requires me to choose 2 nights stay when I proceed to checkout. Is there such a requirment of minimum 2 nights stay?

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