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Located at Wolo Hotel in Bukit Bintang (just right across from Lot 10), Tous les Jours is the new kid in town with fancy dress and high society aura.

The location is great, and facade of this born in Korea French-Asian bakery rejuvenates this side of Bukit Bintang, upgrading it to be of equal to the Starhill/Pavilion area.

Tous les Jours, bukit bintang
Tous les Jours, bukit bintang

Since it looked so beautiful from the outside, we just had to make a trip during lunch on a work week to see what this place is about.

The interior consists of area, an expansive ground floor offering coffee, cakes, and assortment of bread and pastry, with about half of the area spanning over two floors in terms of ceiling height.

bread, coffee, cakes, sandwiches, soup & salad
bread, coffee, cakes, sandwiches, soup & salad

Upstairs, there are more seating areas and another bar in which you can order sandwiches, all-day breakfast, tartine, as well as soup and salad.

The product selection is immense, with the smell of freshly baked bread and coffee in the air, the ambiance is perfect.

lunch for three, covering most of the product type at Tous les Jours
lunch for three, covering most of the product type at Tous les Jours

We had Korean wheat and sweet potato cream bread, blueberry pastry, a cup of caramel latte, some cakes, macaroons, as well as a breakfast set and caramel latte.

Over all the quality of pastry and bread were very satisfying, and perfect for any carboholics. I was a bit impartial to the way the presentation of caramel latte, but the coffee did not disappoint.

Sheng, Joyce, and KY
Sheng, Joyce, and KY

Expect to spend about RM 20+ per person for enough food to fill the stomach, and for the quality and concept, I’d say this place is definitely worth visiting.

map to Tous Les Jours

Tous les Jours
Wolo Hotel
Bukit Bintang
60000, Kuala Lumpur
GPS3.14716, 101.71140
Tel03-2201 3526

It’s CNY again and many of you are undoubtedly on the “Balik Kampung” journey right now, or very soon.

The bad news is, traffic is probably not going to be great, but there’s always silver lining in every cloud – and this CNY season, as with the past 15 years, PETRONAS Coffee Break is back!

traveling back to Penang with Aprilia Shiver

This year, PETRONAS is giving out bright red goodie pouches to motorists, containing a can of Wonda Premium Coffee, a pack of crispy Julie’s Love Letters crackers and PETRONAS branded CNY ang pow packets. No purchase necessary.

This is happening on  29-30 January and continues on 2-3 February for its second phase when you are probably heading back from kampung to city again.

Additionally, PETRONAS will also contribute RM 20,000 to fuel up St John Malaysia’s ambulances that are patrolling the major highways during this time. This initiatives is being carried out for the 20th consecutive years by PETRONAS.

That’s a pretty awesome move I’d say.

Petronas Coffee Break, CNY 2014

If you have an Android of iOS device, search for “PETRONAS Pitstop” application on Google Play or Apple AppStore, the application allows you to locate participating PETRONAS stations on your fingertip.

For the rest of you, well, here’s a list of the participating stations on the map.

participating PETRONAS stations for Coffee Break CNY 2014
participating PETRONAS stations for Coffee Break CNY 2014

For more information on PETRONAS Coffee Break campaign, visit

Gong Xi Fa Cai and drive safe!

It’s going to be the year of Horse in a few more days, and like so many Chinese families, reunion dinner is on the menu. So are you going to just watch your mom prepare everything? or are you going to be contributing at the kitchen and come up with at least a dish like a good filial son or daughter should?

Well, if you’re the latter and lacks in the finer skills in front of the stove, here’s a simple lala recipe you can follow that just might make your mom proud.

ingredients are lala, garlic, ginger, chili padi
ingredients are lala, garlic, ginger, chili padi

This is a lala (or any clams) dish with garlic, ginger, and chili padi. Takes less than 20 minutes from start to finish, and is also one of the cheapest seafood dishes you can come up with especially during CNY season.

Here are the ingredients:

  • 1 big bowl of lala/clams
  • 1 clove garlic, chopped
  • 1 inch ginger, stripes
  • 6-10 chili padi, chopped
  • 5 tablespoon cooking oil

fry till the shells are opened, wise to steam it a bit too
fry till the shells are opened, wise to steam it a bit too

cooking instructions:

  • soak lala/clam in salt water for 30 minutes, rinse
  • heat up cooking oil and fry ginger & garlic till fragrant
  • add in lala/clam
  • add chili padi
  • fry till all shellfish are opened, you can use a lid to cover the pot for steaming effect
  • ready to serve

lala with chili padi and garlic
lala with chili padi and garlic

This is a rather simple and fail proof dish, you can also spice it up by adding some Chinese cooking wine or soup stock to give it a more fragrant flavor.

Click for simple recipes from yours truly, and Happy CNY.

If you find yourself near Bukit Tinggi, perhaps for a little vacation up at the hill admiring those faux French architectures, or like us, after a pretty awesome trip the the Perting Fall waterfall excursion, one of the places you should stop by for a well deserved stomach refuel session would be Restoran Makanan Laut Loong Sing.

Loong Sing at Bukit Tinggi
Loong Sing at Bukit Tinggi

To be honest, this place is should adopt the name makanan hutan (jungle food) or makanan sungai (river food) instead of makanan laut (seafood), seeing that it is some 100km away from the ocean.

Indeed, for those with a bigger wallet, they offer “soon hock” (RM 11/100g), river patin (RM 6/100g), sultan fish (RM 38/100g) and so forth. The only actual seafood on the menu that is from the ocean would be prawns.

seafood tofu, wild boar, vegetable
seafood tofu, wild boar, vegetable

We didn’t order those tho, but we had one of their signature dishes – clay pot wild boar. Wild boar has a rather gamey taste to it but with generous amount of ginger and green onion, it actually tasted pretty awesome, it’s like almost a mix of normal pork and deer meat.

Seafood tofu came with bits of mushroom, imitation crab, sea cucumber, and squid. This is a dish I can have on my own as a full meal by itself, rather tasty!

kampung chicken with ginger
kampung chicken with ginger

Another must-order here is the steamed kampung chicken with ginger. Execution is flawless with the minced ginger covering every piece of chicken that’s cut into convenient bite size. If you have a blocked nose, this would clear it up nicely.

Oh, we also had vegetable, but I guess that isn’t something overly interesting.

Meal came to be about RM 14 per pax, pretty cheap and very satisfying. Definitely a place worth revisiting.

map to Loong Sing at bukit tinggi

Restoran Makanan Laut Loong Sing
97, Bukit Tinggi,
Bentong, Pahang
GPS3.350188, 101.821627

Whenever I think of beef noodle, like most people, I usually think of Ngau Kei at Tengkat Tong Shin, and to a lesser extend, Soong Kee at Lot 10. Little did I realise that one of the better beef noodle stalls is located just a couple kilometers away from home, at Seapark’s Restaurant Tong Fong.

restaurant Tong Fong at Seapark, PJ
restaurant Tong Fong at Seapark, PJ

The restaurant is of a kopitiam set up and located right behind KFC at Taman Paramount, or Seapark (these two names are pretty much interchangeable). At the corner of the stall, right by the entrance, is the beef noodle stall that offers mixed beef noodle, beef ball noodle, wantan noodle, pork ball, and on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, braised sirloin with radish.

beef noodle with radish soup
beef noodle with radish soup

The braised sirloin with radish soup is something that I haven’t come across before. With the meat so tender and radish absorbing the flavor of the beef, it was quite a hearty stew-like concoction that I find myself liking very much.

If you order the dry version, the thin wantan noodle is topped with sweet minced pork and vegetables not unlike the version at Soong Kee and Ngau Kei, and equally as delicious. If you haven’t had this version of radish soup before, you should give it a try.

the "usual" mixed beef noodle, dry version
the “usual” mixed beef noodle, dry version

I’ve also tasted t heir normal mixed beef noodle that comes with tripe, beef slices, and beef balls, lacking only beef tendon (I shall ask the proprietor about that next time) and found my taste buds quite agreeable to this dish.

A meal here cost between RM 6 to RM 10, give it a try if you’re a fan of beef noodle!

map to restaurant Tong Fong, Seapark

Tong Fong restaurant
Jalan 21/17,
46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS3.110142, 101.621673
Phone: 016-348 8141
Hoursbreakfast and lunch