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Another year, another Xmas party at SS3. This was the 9th Xmas party we had at my place since I moved here, with the exception of 2010.

As every year, we had a bit of food, plenty to drink (thanks to Carlsberg Malaysia for a case of Carlsberg, Asahi, Kronenbourg Blanc, and Somersby each), and a fun filled gift exchange program.

xmas eve party at KY's, 2013
xmas eve party at KY’s, 2013

This year, we used our gas grill for some pork chop that I marinated, and set up another charcoal grill for our Muslim friends.

Party got started at around 8, and we were lucky that the weather cooperated despite Accuweather forecasted a bit of thunderstorm, so thank you for lying again, Accuweather!

we had a non-halal and a halal grill going on
we had a non-halal and a halal grill going on

There were a lot of new faces as well as returning friends to the party this year.

Those who were here before:

KY, Haze, Horng, Yuki, EeLaine, Suan, David, Winnie, Michael, Lance, Melissa, Ruby, Douglas, Yee Hou.

it took Fresh 8 tries to finally get her gift - a water gun
it took Fresh 8 tries to finally get her gift – a water gun

And the new faces who joined us this year:

Evelyn, Dennis, Pearl, Pearl’s bf, Ruby’s guy, Suching, Pauline, Kelly, Sheng, Min, Shah, Angel, Fuad, Ecky, Sat, Sliz, Jon, Latha, Lisa.

So it was 14 + 19 = 33 people, right around our average every year, a big thank you for everyone who made it. For those who missed the party, next year ya!

my gift was MyKuali white curry mee, was a hit!
my gift was MyKuali white curry mee, was a hit!

As usual, our gift exchange had some different rules to the norm:

  • every participant contribute a gift worth over RM 30, and then draw a number from the box
  • smallest number start by picking and unwrapping a gift
  • next number can snatch the opened gift, whereby the person who lost it gets to choose another gift, or snatch another opened gift
  • you’re not allowed to snatch the same gift you had before

Kelly, SuChing, Ecky, Haze, Angel, Dennis, Melissa, Eelaine
Kelly, SuChing, Ecky, Haze, Angel, Dennis, Melissa, Eelaine

Just to mess up with the guys, I actually gave a pretty good gift this year – 16 packs of MyKuali Penang white curry mee instant noodle. Arguably the most sought after instant noodle on the market right now, it exchanged hands 6 different times and finally ended up on Winnie’s possession.

Ruby's guy, Sheng, David, Shah, Sliz, Ruby, Horng, Min
Ruby’s guy, Sheng, David, Shah, Sliz, Ruby, Horng, Min

The biggest victim of the night was Fresh, she took 8 tries before finally settled on the water gun that she can use to torment Cendawan, all her other gifts (snatched or opened) were taken by other people, so many highs and so many disappointments, hahaha.

Douglas, Suching, Pauline, Pearl's guy, Yee Hou, Lance, Melissa, Fuad
Douglas, Suching, Pauline, Pearl’s guy, Yee Hou, Lance, Melissa, Fuad

Some of the other highly saught after gifts include a bottle of Jack Daniel, a Joker figurine, a pair of wide angle & fisheye lens for smart phone (I got it!), a pack of Somersby apple cider, nanodots magnet toy, a bag of bacon, number 8 magic ball, tumbler, tictac, and more.

It was a fun night and I hope everyone enjoyed. The men in blue never came this year, breaking a tradition of sort.

See you guys next year!

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  1. 6 times only meh?

  2. hahaha i’m the mangsa every year fml!

  3. Thanks for the invite!

  4. Again…another nice Christmas gathering…..

  5. The men in blue already knew this house will have party every year. Lol I want the curry Mee tooooooooooo….

  6. Sounds like memorable night!

  7. KY, great bash. In San Francisco it 42 degree and we had our party indoor of course. I did not see eggnog unless it not popular in Malaysia.

  8. I would gatecrash if I were around KL this time of year. Your guests do not look all that familiar unlike those in your past parties. Ahhh!!! Yee Hou’s still around. He looks kinda different though.

    • suituapui: haha, the guests usually change a bit from year to year, so long as everyone had fun!

  9. Ahahahaha this Fresh so kesian wan!

  10. Happy New Year! Wishing you a great 2014.

  11. Tan Yee Hou

    And it was yay, as usual!

    Thanks KY for having us. Looking forward to next year’s party!

  12. It was so much fun…thanx for the invite…and I am the happy owner of a bag of bacon!

    Blessed 2014 to you, Haze and the 3 furmasters.

    • missyblurkit: thank you for coming and I hope you had great fun! bacon is never wrong 😀 😀 😀

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