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A few weeks ago I had a couple hours and a hungry stomach to kill before a futsal session at Ampang Sports Planet. Since Dato’ Keramat is sort of a half way point between where I was and where I need to be, I thought I’d explore the area a little bit and see what I can feed myself.

Malay roti canai/roti arab stall at Dato' Keramat market
Malay roti canai/roti arab stall at Dato’ Keramat market

My initial plan was to have the ikan bakar (grilled fish) for dinner, unfortunately at almost 6pm in the evening, the stall has already closed for business (even though it says until 6:30pm).

Walking about the market and around the area, I spotted this roti telur/roti arab stall by the makeshift food court/restaurant opposite the LRT station .

the roti is a quite unique, puffed up and slightly sweet
the roti is a quite unique, puffed up and slightly sweet

After a brief description by the friendly waitress on what exactly this roti arab is about, I ordered a portion to load up some carb before exercise. Like roti canai, you can have it with curry, and I think it will also go very well with some condensed milk.

The ingredients of roti arab is pretty similar to normal bread, with the addition of butter on top of yeast, flour, and some sugar. The dough is then pan fried instead of baked.

I think it tastes great with some fish curry
I think it tastes great with some fish curry

I find myself enjoying roti arab quite a bit. It is easy to eat, almost like in between roti canai and normal bread. Dip it wet with fish curry and viola, instant carb loading that cost less than RM 3 including a glass of teh-o-ais. Perfect afternoon in-between meals.

I hope more places started serving this.

map to dato' keramat wet market

Dato’ Keramat Market
Opposite Dato’ Keramat LRT
Jalan Dato’ Keramat
GPS3.165396, 101.73118

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  1. I winder what it tastes like. Sure would like to try, Malay-made so dunno how authentic, like the real thing or not. Perhaps better to go to those mid-eastern restaurants.

    • suituapui: ya, it’s my one and only try so far, must check it out again at other locations.

  2. Interesting but it seems like a normal fluffy bun? I was thinking the market here at Dato Keramat Penang LOL!

    • Ken: does taste slightly different leh, and hahaha ya there’s more than one Dato’ Keramat.

  3. iamthewitch

    Oh give me any type of roti with curry and I’m happy! 😀

  4. KY, I better look up a recipe for to make roti now. That bread look so yummy. Yes it would be great with curry sauce dishes with soups also.

  5. I’d like to dunk that roti into some thick, potatoes dahl! 😀

  6. I’ve never tried roti Arab, but your post is giving me a craving for some.

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