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Hidden within SS3 there exist a couple rows of shop houses that is away from the busier part of of the housing area, and at the corner of row of shop there is a kopitiam with a pretty funky name of Restaurant Pom Pom (also a name of an island at Sabah). Within this restaurant is a small stall called A&Z Western Food, and that’s our destination for dinner a few weeks ago.

update 26/3/2015: apparently this stall has moved, I don’t have the new location, if you do, please leave a comment

A&Z western food at restaurant Pom Pom
A&Z western food at restaurant Pom Pom

While there are more famous Malaysian Western food even within SS3 itself (those nearby Shell petrol station), this one is pretty special. For starter, it is non halal and actually serves pork. The menu also includes fish, chicken, lamb, sausage, and mushroom soup.

The place actually reminds me of Freddy Western at Restaurant Millenium 86 in PJ, which sadly is no longer in operation.

pork chop, deep fried chicken chop, fish and chips
pork chop, chicken cordon bleu, fish and chips

For dinner, we tried their pork chop (RM 10), chicken cordon bleu (RM 12), grilled chicken with black pepper sauce (RM 9), and fish and chips (RM 9).

While the pork chop turns out just a little dry (easily fixed with a bit of sauce), the other dishes we ordered were all pretty good. The grilled chicken was flavorful, chicken cordon bleu very crispy on the outside and goes well with the mushroom sauce, and there were no complains from the fish and chips.

Haze approved the Western food here, the mash potato's pretty good
Haze approved the Western food here, the mash potato’s pretty good

The most interesting thing about this place though must be the way mashed potato is prepared here. They’re shaped in little balls and coated with some type of sauce, I guess that makes it slightly healthier and less oily than fries, and at the same time they taste quite good as well.

For no frills Malaysian style Western food, this is a place I don’t mind going back again and again.

map to pom pom restaurant at PJ SS3

A&Z Western Food
Restaurant Pom Pom
Jalan SS3/64
Petaling Jaya, 47300 Selangor
GPS3.09667, 101.61317
Hours: lunch and dinner daily

Discuss : KY eats – A&Z Western Food, Restaurant Pom Pom at PJ SS3 [Closed]

  1. Nice!!! There’s a place here that looks nicer than this and the food is cheaper than this too!!! Dunno about the taste, but that one here, the food’s really good. Post on that coming up in my blog real soon.

    • suituapui: ya, there’s the “famous” western food around ss3 just a stone’s throw from this place.

  2. Those cute little balls are potatoes? at first glance, i thought they were lychee LOL

  3. The side of potato looks exactly like Thomas western stall at OUG night coffee shop if not mistaken. Are they the same owner?

  4. KY, food look good and different from Chinese Chan Tang diners food but not that much. I like diner foods when I in Hong Kong. The most reasonble price and good food was Cafe De Coral. Their was one in San Francisco but did not last long.

  5. Sauce and Food good. Galian sauce better

  6. This stall closed. Anywhere to find him? They say he moves elsewhere.

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