Heineken has been a long-term sponsor for premier sporting events – the UEFA Champions League, Heineken Cup, the leading international rugby competition, and the US Open, one of the most important tennis majors.

Heineken CIMB Classic 2013

Adding to that list of impressive events is this year’s CIMB Classic 2013 that is going on at the Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club (KLGCC) from 24-27 October this year, pitting the no.1 international premier beer with the most prestigious golfing event in Asia.

If you aren’t one who is already a fan of golf, check out the following video that might teach you a thing or two on how to play a round of golf:

The Heineken Championship is designed as a platform for local amateurs to showcase their talent and finesse on the course, forming an avenue to cultivate their talent to compete at a global standard among the icons in the world of golf at the CIMB classic.

There will be a Heineken public hospitality marquee at the CIMB Classic located above the food village where enthusiasts can have a taste of Heineken’s The Green Experience. Fans will enjoy a grandstand view of the event while enjoying a glass of cold refreshing Heineken.

Furthermore, guests can also get behind the bar and learn to pour their perfect pint of ice cold Heineken or try their hands at various games while witnessing the action on screen.

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Heineken Classic 2013
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