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I’m pretty happy that there are more and more decent coffee places that sprung up in Klang Valley lately. Gone were the days when Starbucks and Coffeebeans being the only go-to chains when caffein addiction hits.

Coffea Coffee is the latest coffee chain I had the pleasure of visiting recently.

Coffea Coffee at Subang Jaya SS 15
Coffea Coffee at Subang Jaya SS 15

Originally from Korea, the chain now boosts four outlets in Klang Valley, we visited the branch at SS 15 Subang Jaya, a place where I spent my college years over a decade ago when Starbucks wasn’t even in Malaysia. (no prize for calculating my age)

Interior decoration of the shop is tastefully done and seemingly sparing no expenses – textured walls, quaint furnitures, beautifully crafted furnitures and so forth. There’s even a smallish alfresco area upstairs for those who indulge in satisfying their nicotine addiction with some coffee.

red velvet cake, cheese cake, scones, latte
red velvet cake, cheese cake, scones, latte

Coffea Coffee offers a wide variety of espresso based beverages – the latte I tried was silky smooth and rather strong, just the way I like it.

There are two different beans to choose from. “Maestro” for those who like strong full-bodied blend, or “Madonna” for those who prefer it aromatic with slight acidity. I had the former.

You can also find a selection of cakes, scones, bagel, sandwich, and other light foods. The cakes were decent, and scones were reported to be rather delicious.

iced chocolate, smoothie, iced latte
iced chocolate, smoothie (kiwi I believe), iced latte

For those who wants their drinks cold, there’s smoothies, iced espresso based drinks, and iced chocolate. The selection is rather big, even those who doesn’t indulge in caffein should have no problem finding a beverage they like.

Horng, Yuki, KY, Joyce, Suan, and the coffee guy
Horng, Yuki, KY, Joyce, Suan, and the coffee guy

Price wise they are comparable with the other bigger chains. Drinks are priced at below RM 10 to RM 13, and cakes at around RM 10-12.

This is definitely an outlet that I would go again, and hopefully they open a branch closer to where I stay or work, that’ll be perfect.

map to coffea coffee at Subang Jaya SS 15

Coffea Coffee
A-10, SS 15/4D
47500 Subang Jaya
GPS3.074564, 101.586408
Tel03-2201 3338 (main branch at Bangsar)

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  1. Cool, hope they are coming to Penang soon but there are literally countless of cafes in Penang already LOL. I like scones, they are like the quintessential for afternoon tea :p

  2. ooo, i’m trying to figure out where’s a decent place for coffea coffee to open in the city center. hmmm, maybe jalan p ramlee? ooo, or maybe life centre 😀

  3. Kopi-o-peng kau satu! Oooooo…scones!!! I like!

  4. KY, love coffee but it funny it does not give the wake up feeling instead I ended up feeling relax and falling asleep instead. Tea for some reason work for me but l like coffee for the taste strong and black is how I drink it. Have you try Hong Kong Yuanyang coffee tea drink? Taste not bad and it mix with coffee and tea with sweet milk. Most popular in Hong Kong.

    • Vickie: yuanyang is best when they have the proper milk to go with it, I think over here you can find them at Canton-i

  5. Is this the same store as the one in Bangsar. If yes, I had a pretty good cup in the Bangsar one when they first opened.

  6. so.. were you bouncing off the walls? It’s gotta be stronggggg no? 😛

  7. I love their Maestro blend with the chocolatey undertones…but find their matcha and chai tea lattes to be hair-raisingly sweet…hopefully they have improved on them =)

    • ulric: didn’t realise they put sugar on chai tea latte, I usually order only flat white or latte but never put any sugar.

  8. I think they have one outlet open in Bangsar, yes?

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