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It’s been a while since the last recipe post, so for this 1,500th post on this blog, lets take a look at the lotus root soup recipe, one of the easiest, homey soup to prepare. This is the same lotus root soup you often get at steamed soup & clay pot chicken rice places.

pork (or chicken), lotus root, dried red dates
ingredients: pork (or chicken), lotus root, dried red dates

This recipe is for 2-3 bowls of soup, increase/decrease everything to suit your need.


  • one section of lotus root, shave off the skin
  • 8-10 dried red dates
  • 150 gram of pork (or bones, or chicken carcass)
  • water, salt & pepper for seasoning

cut into slices and serve
cut into slices and serve


  • separately boil the pork for a minute or two to remove impurities
  • have enough water in the pot to cover all ingredients, boil in slow heat for 1-2 hours
  • retrieve lotus root, slice 1/2 cm thick
  • add salt & pepper to taste
  • ready to serve!


Discuss : KY cooks – Lotus Root Soup Recipe

  1. oooo, this looks great, really exactly the way my grandmother cooked it for us back in the ’80s. did you steal my grandmother’s recipe book?!? heheh 😀

  2. O.O boil the whole lotus root first? quite different from my mum recipe. She slide the lotus root before boil.

    • ler: that makes slicing the lotus root much easier, it’s way too hard when raw. 😀

  3. We also cook it in clear soup like that. Very nice, very refreshing…and I hear lotus root is good for the ladies….

  4. KY, loved this soup but mom can’t have any due to red dates in soup cause blood pressure to rise. She got high blood pressure and it reason. I make it without dates also mom see it still ok soup to enjoy.

  5. Boil the root first! Thanks for that tip and for the blog, I had long forgotten this recipe and am desperate for something new to do with chicken or those cheap pork butts our store has had lately!

  6. all this talk of sup.. but no one invites me over.. tsk tsk. 😛

  7. Oh! my mom likes to add in chicken feet too 😛

  8. thanks KY, for sharing this!! super duper loving it!!

  9. I substitute red dates with dried sotong – much more flavourful, hehe!

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