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In my book, Lot 10 Hutong is by far the best food courts in Klang Valley, I will miss the convenience of being able to walk there in 10 minutes, we’re relocating the office to a building that’s perhaps more glamorous, but unfortunately a bit too far to be walking to the awesome food choices offered at Bukit Bintang..

Tai Lei Lor Kei pork chop bun stall at Lot 10 Hutong food court
Tai Lei Lor Kei pork chop bun stall at Lot 10 Hutong food court

I almost always order the char kuih teow, Soong Kee beef noodle, or different types of mee at Ho Weng Kee whenever I find myself at Hutong food court, but on my latest visit, I decided to try something else.

So I asked my sometimes lunch buddy Jean for pointers, and she suggested that I should try the pork chop bun at Tai Lei Lor Kei (大利来咖啡室).

signature frill pork bun, and sawdust cake dessert
signature frill pork bun, and sawdust cake dessert

Originally from Macau, the branch here at Hutong enjoys pretty brisk business during lunch hours. The menu revolves around pork chop, but does offer chicken wings and curry fish ball as well. You can have these with rice, bun, or even noodles.

The value set meal for signature pork chop bun goes for RM 13.90 with inclusion of a drink, and on its own the bun costs RM 11.90, certainly within the accepted price range at this part of KL.

The pork chop is surprisingly succulent and not entirely too oily, with the portion being rather huge as well. Without any accompanying lettuce or cucumber, your tongue might yearn for a bit of green after a while, but it will definitely put a smile on any carnivores.

enjoying my pork chop bun, and jean with jealous eyes cos she had sore throat
enjoying my pork chop bun, and jean with jealous eyes cos she had sore throat

As for the accompanying drink, I chose their Macau milk tea and was not disappointed. The other must-order item if you find yourself at this stall is their sawdust cake dessert. The cake isn’t exactly a cake but more like a slightly hardened tiramitsu with very fine grind peanut, it was very delicious.

I guess I’ll have to drive/ride to Hutong next time, which I think most likely will.

map to Lot 10 Hutong

Tai Lei Lor Kei at Hutong food court
Lower Ground Floor
Lot 10 Shopping Mall
Jalan Bukit Bintang

GPS: 3.146462, 101.711758

Discuss : KY eats – Pork Chop Bun at Tai Lei Lor Kei, Lot 10 Hutong

  1. Ooo, I’ve tried their pork bun but I haven’t had the milk tea or the sawdust dessert yet. Must go get ’em! 😀 p.s. I’m also moving office this year, but dunno where exactly yet. Crossing my fingers it won’t be a dead zone for food! 😀

  2. It’s been a long time since I”ve been in Lot 10. Must make an other visit.

  3. I always order the beef noodles too, but find that too oily, i can find some better ones in Penang. Looking forward to try the Pork Bun though :]

  4. Love their crispy and toasty signature bun…goes very well with their well-marinated pork chop…love the smooth Macau milk tea too =)

  5. looks delicious. But is that a huge zit on your nose?!

  6. Ooooo!! Cina Burger! Will go for it whenever I go around the area for shopping.

  7. Hi KY.

    Thks for the recommendation.
    My wife n I had it yesterday.
    Really really good.


    • Eddie: glad you liked it! 😀

      • Ky,

        Trying my luck to find out whether you know this chicken rice stall at Jln Pudu which has closed down/moved from current location.
        They open near the roundabout.

        My wife family has been eating there for at least 20 yrs.
        Wonder whether u have heard of it and if u do, where have they moved too.
        Best pak cham kai that we have tasted, bar none.
        We call it Ah Heng Chicken Porridge or Ah Heng Kai Chuck.


        • Eddie: ahh, unfortunately I’m not familiar with it. Sorry. You can get very good pak cham kai at SS2 mamak at night though, opposite police station. Mingtien food court at Taman Megah has one too, same owner, but operated by the sons.

  8. Tried those sawdust cake dessert before and i really loved it!

    But to me those “sawdust” tasted more like crushed digestive biscuits rather than peanuts. Or maybe is just this particular sawdust cake.

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