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I love me some good steaks, and while we have plenty of awesome affordable good foods in Malaysia, steak isn’t exactly one of them. Good steaks are often rather expensive, and the cheaper ones usually left me thinking if I should have been chewing my shoes instead. Hence, we don’t end up having steaks nearly as often as we want to.

My last steak dinner was at Las Vacas at Kelana Jaya, a restaurant with minimal frill and good steak, and it was also where I found out about El Fresco at Jaya Grocer from Lance & Enoch (hello neighbour!) from feedbacks on facebook and Instagram

El Fresco at Jaya Grocer, pick your meat
El Fresco at Jaya Grocer, pick your meat

El Fresco is located at Subang Empire Mall’s Jaya Grocer, and yes, a restaurant within the big grocery store where the tables and seats are arranged pretty close to isles where you find racks of .. well, groceries.

The concept is simple, go to the meat section (or fish if you want to have salmon steak, for example) and pick your steak, then proceed to El Fresco’s counter and hand the meat over and have them cook it. There is no cooking charge for anything over RM 20, and just like Air Asia, if you want extras, you can always add on (salad, mixed vegetable, fries etc)

Angus tenderloin, one with salad, the other with mixed vegetables
Angus tenderloin, one with salad, the other with mixed vegetables

Standard cut for steak is usually at around 250-300 gram here, and prices stated at the butchery is by the kilogram. We chose Angus tenderloin (mid-high in price, RM 189/KG) and each slab cost us just under RM 42.00.

In a way, you can go expensive, or you can go much cheaper as well. Lamb rack at RM 85.90/KG, and beef anywhere from RM 99/KG to RM 359/KG for some Wagyu with good marble ratings.

I like mine medium rare, and they executed it perfectly
I like mine medium rare, and they executed it perfectly

I had my Angus tenderloin medium rare with mixed vegetable, and Haze ordered hers prepared rare with salad. While wait time was a little long (25 minutes) when we were there, it actually wasn’t too bad, you can even walk around and shop a little bit in the mean time.

The steak came out excellent and I really liked my steak pure as is and without any sauce or extra seasoning. The meat tender and juicy, and for under RM 50? An awesome value.

The pizzas & salmon steaks from El Fresco looks good too, and I have a feeling we will be back there pretty soon.

Empire Mall map

El Fresco
Jaya Grocer, Empire Shopping Gallery

47500 Subang Jaya
GPS:Β 3.082109, 101.582716

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it, neighbor!

  2. Mellissa

    Do you remember Reza’s steak in Melbourne? And how we managed to buy rib eye on the bone for $4 each? I think that was still one of the best steaks I’ve had in my life!

  3. iamthewitch

    Now I appreciate how cheap the steaks are in Australia.. usually sold at $10-20/kg in supermarkets!

    • iamthewitch: yeah, totally way cheaper in Australia, or US for that matter. The cattle industry here is .. well, condo scandal n all that..

  4. the steak looks awesome indeed! and thank goodness it did, right. otherwise a customer might show his displeasure by handing the cooks his shoe instead of a steak to grill πŸ˜€

  5. Perfectly done steaks, that’s pretty rare in KL (see what I did there?)

  6. awesome concept. I am so going!

  7. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that steak is not medium-rare. It’s borderline rare, just look at the % raw to cooked

  8. you shud try the salmon with pasta (they serve aglio olio – one of the best i’ve had) & their pizzas…really good.

  9. Certainly worth the wait when the steak arrives correctly!

  10. Nurul Afifah

    Hi, I stumbled upon your post and I was really looking forward to eating at El Fresco Empire Subang. But when I got there they’ve already imposed RM 5 cooking charge. That made me sad. That being said, I asked them to do my sirloin steak medium rare and it was perfect!

  11. Just visited Cheras Sentral. Staff name Rosmanira was friendly and service was rather quickly attend though it was 1050 Hours. I bought RM84.78 Wagyu Steak Marble 9+, inquire how much need to be paid RM 5 for Cooking Charge depend whether you want any Mushroom sauce RM 4.8.

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