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For those of you who follows me on Instagram, it’s certainly no secrets that I have cats as pet at home.

A little bit of a history – it all started out with Cendawan, a male Bengal cat that we bought from a breeder as a 3 month old kitten back in September 2010. Slightly less than a year later in August of 2011, we picked up two skinny stray cats at the neighbourhood, brought them in and named the male kitten Belimbing and his sister Tembikai.

Belimbing, Tembikai, and Cendawan
Belimbing, Tembikai, and Cendawan

Over the last couple of years, the stray kittens grew up to have beautiful semi-long coat, and Cendawan packed on a healthy 7 KG. These cats are the masters of the house, we merely happen to be the live in staffs who serves them.

Cendawan was saying, "open em up for me to eat already!"
Cendawan was saying, “open em up for me to eat already!”

Each of the three cats have their own traits.

Cen being the biggest alpha male with Bengal’s unique characteristics, is also the most demanding and most responsive of them all. He response to calls pretty much like a dog, and double up as my everyday alarm clock.

Without fail, this ball of fur will head butt me before 7 am everyday asking me to feed them. It’s all convenient and awesome on weekdays, the only small problem is that he doesn’t have the concept of weekends.

Fancy Feast Royale Broth is an instant hit with the cats
Fancy Feast Royale Broth is an instant hit with the cats

Temmi is the princess of the house. Being the most adorable looking thing at home has its advantage. She usually minds her own business but will come around and “make cookies” on my stomach with her sharp claws.

You can never fault Temmi for she can never do wrong. She is also the loudest in the morning, meowing as if the 1 minute wait while I prepare their food is the biggest torture ever. She seems to eat quite a lot but manage to maintain her 3.5 KG slender body.

the dry cat food is their main meal
the dry cat food is their main meal

For a long time, we thought Bing might have been a mute. Turns out he’s just the quietest cat ever. Bing is never in a hurry for food, but perhaps his lack of athleticism contributes to his 5+ KG body size.

Anytime we sit at the couch watching TV, Bing will be the first one to jump on and use my legs as his personal pillow while demanding to be brushed.

Fancy Feast Royale wet cat food gets nom-ed down pretty fast as well
Fancy Feast Royale wet cat food gets nom-ed down pretty fast as well

One of the reasons our cats are healthy and have beautiful fur is the food we feed them. I’ve always make sure that they consume wet food in addition to premium dry food. As cats have the tendency to not drink enough water, having only dry food might leave your cats dehydrated most of the time.

Recently I introduced PURINA FANCY FEAST cat foods to them, and as per recommendation, we started out with FANCY FEAST ROYALE Broths. It was an instant hit especially with Cen and Temmi, the gobbled up two packets (comes in 4 flavors) of the broth in no time, leaving very little for Bing.

This is the only soup for cats in Malaysia, and I think it really helps curb the dehydration problem in cats very well.

Main course was the FANCY FEAST dry cat food (450g packets, 3 flavors). Bing and Cen seemed to really enjoy this too. Now these are some fussy cats actually, and the fact that they love these food means that PURINA’s got it right.

Dessert then was a couple cans of FANCY FEAST ROYALE wet food (17 different flavors!). The cats again ate it like it was their last meal. The food looked pretty good, so I actually tasted it a bit myself. It was flavorful and not salty (cats and dogs aren’t supposed to eat nearly as salted as us), I can see why they like it.

KY with cen, Haze with temmi, and Horng picked up bing
KY with cen, Haze with temmi, and Horng picked up bing

These cats make our home come alive and greets us almost every time we come home. If you have furkids like these at home, be sure to feed them and treat them well.

PURINA also wants your cats to try the new FANCY FEAST ROYALE Broths, to redeem free sample (limited to 2,000 samples), go to, fill in your particulars and the free sample will be mailed to you within 4 weeks.

Now excuse me while I give them a laser work out.

Disclaimer: I was paid by Purina Fancy Feast for this post

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  1. Vickie

    KY, I have 4 cats at home. The most fussy have to be the Siamese one who would flip up side down his food dish if food not his liking. Walk away going huffing mad. a My three other cats red tabby, and two black Burmese eat anything. One do not like chicken flavor food but still Ok.

    Yes they try Fancy Feast only the Siamese prefer mixed grill of another brand,

    • Vickie: they certainly have very distinct individual tastes and behavior don’t they?

  2. you’ve got some cool-looking cats there! i can’t decide whether i prefer cats or dogs. cats are nice cos they don’t make much noise and they’re calm to have around. but dogs are affectionate and loyal. i guess both are great 😀

    • Sean: cats are just a lot less of a hassle to maintain, and there are some breeds such as Bengal which cendawan is one, and Maine Coons and such that are very affectionate as well. Loyalty wise.. oh well. lol

  3. and i thought i was the only one who named my cats in the most imaginative way possible, lol (my first cat was named Omelette btw).

  4. immature

    i wanna to lick your pussy…
    i wanna lick Cendawan…

  5. why they never pose for me for photo op wan diuuu

  6. iamthewitch

    Not a cat person.. or a pet person to be honest. 😛 But your cats look cute! And they get a 3-course meal too, really like royalties! hehe

  7. your cats are really big! But beautiful too of course…

  8. These words are right to said by SRK “Meri Jangalli Billi”.

  9. This is the only brand that my cat would eat.

    3 weeks ago, this brand was all sold out everywhere (in Brunei & Miri) and I had to get some other brand for my cat.

    It was the hardest and toughest 3 weeks for me. I had to beg my cat to “temporary” eat other brand and to endure her non-stop complaining (excessive meowing) + drama (refusing the food offered). I even bought her roasted duck hoping that she would at least accept that…. but no.

    In the end, I couldn’t see her starving herself off (she ate very very minimal of the other brand) to the point where she actually vomited stomach acid, so I flew to KL and bought her Fancy Feast.

    Yeah…. she is the Queen and I’m her slave.

    • Max: hahaha you are indeed her slave. I try to get my cats to try different types of food from time to time, and the trick is to mix them up and have a gradual transition. That being said, they do love Fancy Feasts!

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