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This is my transportation of choice lately, the Aprilia Shiver 750 middle weight naked bike that I procured not very long ago. I’ve been riding it to work most of the days and even took it up for a trip to Penang for “Cheng Beng”.

Aprilia Shiver with tail bag

Riding certainly carries a higher risk, and thus I make it a point to wear proper protection gears at all time. A mesh jacket with armor  proper fitting full-face helmet, riding boots, and of course, a pair of gloves.

And my friend, I can’t tell you how often I wish that my phone’s touch screen can work while I have my gloves on.

Well, the new Samsung Galaxy S4 can, and that brings us to today’s topic – the little things in life that can be solved by the new Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S4 air view

The Air View and Air Gesture functions will be one that’s very neat! Motioning the device to accept calls while the phone is mounted on my bike’s handle bar (with bluetooth headset) without having to remove my gloves will be a godsend. Hovering over emails to get a preview of the content will be way cool as well.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Smart Pause

Watching cooking video while cooking is finally practical with with the Smart Pause feature. How many times do you wish you can pause the video while chopping/stirring at the kitchen without touching the screen? When you look away, the video stops, this is a function I can certainly appreciate.

S Voice Drive is supposed to be a way for you to be able to make calls, find directions and such while driving by interacting with the phone via voice. While this certainly works when you’re driving (and keep both hands on steering wheel), I think motorcyclists can certainly benefits from this especially as a navigation device. Can’t wait to test this out myself.

For the lazy (or the really sleepy), Smart Scroll lets you scroll by just tilting the screen from side to side. This could be a neat little feature that I’ll just have to try to see how useful it is.

S4 is coming soon, I need to get my hands on one and see how well these features work. Can’t wait.

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  1. gosh, at first glance, using a cellphone while riding a bike sounds like something our moms wouldn’t advise, but i guess you’re careful about it! 😀

    • Sean: hahaha, of course not riding and using the phone at the same time. I always stop first, but not having to take the gloves off will be a huge deal.

  2. dude.. get gloves that got smartscreen sensitive thingy.. gao tim. unless of course you’re trying for the prize 😀

    • Duncan: Well there’s another layer of plastic that covers the phone that’s inside the case.. so that won’t work either. lol

  3. Looking at that Shiver….still need to go and sit for my full B test….need to find time doing that real soon.

  4. Norick

    Hi KY, may I know what is the brand of the full face helmet that you are using and where did you get it?

    • Norick: I use a relatively cheap brand – SOL. You can get it at many motorcycle shop and they shouldn’t cost more than 3-400 ringgit.

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