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With the cats waking me up before 7am every morning and the fact that I now ride a bike to work, it opens up a lot of opportunity for me to explore various breakfast outlets in the city. Last week I went to one of the oldest Hakka noodle stalls in town – the “Da Bu Mien” stall at Jalan Sayur, Pudu.

Hakka noodle at Jalan Sayur, brisk business in the morning
Hakka noodle at Jalan Sayur, brisk business in the morning

Even at the early hours, the 8 decade old stall is already packed with people. Sharing table is a norm, and you can say goodbye to comfortable chairs or air conditioned dining hall. The promise is a bowl of noodle as authentic as it gets, hand made and with ingredients true to the heart of the operator.

The stall has a yellow label that says “Da Bu Mien” (大埔面), which state it’s origin from Dabu county, a district of Meizhou, Guangdong Province of China, a center of Hakka culture.

minced meat, chasiu, and wantan too
minced meat, chasiu, and wantan too

A bowl of noodle is RM 4.50 and comes with minced meat, chasiu, vegetable, and a side of wantan soup. The traditionally made noodle (using bamboo) has a good springy texture to it and is closer to wantan noodle instead of the more common flattened style found in other Hakka noodle places.

I find myself enjoying the slightly oiled minced meat quite a bit, in fact, some regulars prefer to have more minced meat instead of chasiu.

Over all, it was a rather good bowl of noodle, and a place I certainly will visit again.

map to Jalan Sayur hawker center

Chun Kee (Da Bu) Hakka Mee
446, Jalan Sayur,
Off Jalan Pudu,
55100 Pudu,
Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.135208, 101.713051
Hours: breakfast till late lunch

Discuss : KY eats – Chun Kee Hakka Noodle at Jalan Sayur

  1. omigosh, if i had cats that woke me up so early each morning, i would consider depriving them of breakfast as a punishment (i know, terrible! luckily i don’t have cats) 😀 on the bright side, the noodles look good, and quite a nice location for those of us who work in the city center, ya 😀

  2. Hehe…you discovered this shop! One of my faves when we’re in the area with the in laws.

  3. Does it taste like bak chor mee (singapore version?)

    I have not tasted hakka noodle! Looking forward to explore this place.


  4. Hehehe I know how that feels (the cats bit) though cats we babysat for got used to my body clock after a couple of months. I guess it helps that the owner is a musician too. Anyway I love Hakka mee, flat or round noodles yum! And I prefer having it with minced meat too.

  5. The noodles look very Q…Yum! Looks like an awesome breakfast!

  6. I like lotsa minced pork on that kind of noodle. This bowl of noodle comes with generous amount of minced pork plus with wantan summore….for just RM4.50 only!

  7. Yeah, the noodles there are pretty good especially the mince meat. The wantan also taste good!

  8. i miss this stall, 2 months ago went there to whack 2 bowl..

    cheap and good eh. Used to dine there alot when i stay nearby

  9. Rob Danforth

    Great post. I love these stalls. You can find a lot of them in Little Havana with, of course, cuban food. They compete with some of the finest Miami Lakes restaurants seriously. We don’t have these noodles around here in carts anyway but we do have some awesome restaurants.

  10. Eeeee.. looks like kuching version of kolomee to me.. haha.. Rm4.50 in kl is cheap wo.. food in kuchimg is getting more expensive nowadays 🙁

    • ahlost: kolomee is quite similar, yes, but this one doesn’t have the chasiu oil though.

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