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To be honest, when I first discovered this little old school eatery by the corner of Lorong Brunei 2 and Jalan 1/77c at Pudu, I don’t really know what they serve, but sometimes you need to be a bit adventurous when it comes to food.

the pork ball noodle stall is at the corner of Lorong Brunei 2 and Jalan 1/77c
the pork ball noodle stall is at the corner of Lorong Brunei 2 and Jalan 1/77c

Situated right under a big tree by the corner, the sign says Seremban Minced Pork Noodle (芙蓉肉碎面). Old marble tables with newish plastic chairs, the clienteles seems to make up of regulars who have been there for years.

I parked my bike, took a seat and ordered my noodle. Both times only choosing my choice of noodle (mee + meehun is my choice) and stating if I wanted it dry or in soup.

dry version, served with a side of soup and chili
dry version, served with a side of soup and chili

I really liked the dry version (RM 5), a bowl of soup with deep fried pork skin and “three-in-one” meatballs on the side, and noodle with dark soya sauce base sprinkled by minced pork/chili (I am not quite sure what they really are, but it’s very delicious with the noodle). The chili paste in the small saucer tastes like a cross between HK dimsum style chili oil and Penang Curry Mee chili.

The combination is familiar yet different, I liked the execution and the different complexity brought by the chili. It is more fragrant than spicy though, a plus for those who don’t like their food too hot.

soupy version, everything's in the bowl, side of chili paste
soupy version, everything’s in the bowl, side of chili paste


The soup version comes with pretty much the exact same ingredients, it was a bit lighter but tastes rather good nonetheless. This reminds me of pork ball noodles.

Either way, you can’t go wrong. Give this a try if you are in the area, they’re open for breakfast and I suspect, till around lunch.

map to Seremban style pork ball noodle at Pudu

Corner of Lorong Brunei 2 & Jalan 1/77C
Pudu, Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.137163, 101.712536

Discuss : KY eats – Seremban Style Pork Ball Noodle, Pudu

  1. ok, maybe i should get a bike too and go hunting for cool stalls like this (i rode one when i was in penang, but that was more than a decade ago). interesting noodle recipe that i haven’t seen before 😀

  2. Will be riding my Vespa tomorrow, maybe can ride over there for lunch since it’s not that far from my office.

  3. I like eating pork noodle. Pork balls also can lar…
    Hmm..I wonder why do they use the name ‘Seremban’

  4. Haha I also never had this in Seremban before. But as long as it’s good, doesnt matter where it’s from hor.

  5. Can’t believe I haven’t tried this place in spite of always driving by Pudu whenever I’m back in KL! Deep fried pork skin???!!! OMG. drool…

  6. Nice! Now i know where to hunt for a quick lunch when heading to KL while my bus stops me at Puduraya Bus Station 🙂

  7. Not many places serve fried pork skin. This one is certainly a good reason to go makan!

    • missyblurkit: yaa, like pork blood, it’s increasingly tougher to find this kinda ingredients.

  8. I like the way you draw the map at the end of your food posts.. ok.. I shall stop reading your blog at this hour.. I iz hungry…

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