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One of the biggest advantage of riding to work is the flexibility in breakfast choices. No longer am I confined to the route of LRT or just the food stalls within walking distance of the office. All I need to do is to leave home half an hour earlier, and so that’s what I often do these days, exploring breakfast places around KL in the wee hours.

old uncle's been preparing wantan mee for a while now
old uncle’s been preparing wantan mee for a while now

The area behind Berjaya Times Square is one of my favorite places to explore. Being one older part of town, it’s littered with many old school eateries.

And it was by random choice that I ended up at this nameless kopitiam at Jalan Brunei just behind the Caltex gas station. Business always seems pretty brisk in the morning, so I thought I should give it a try.

bbq pork, minced meat, lard, pickled chili, wantan
bbq pork, minced meat, lard, pickled chili, wantan

There is only a stall operating in the morning, offering wantan mee and sui kao mee.

The wantan mee (a tad under RM 5) comes with everything you’d expect in a plate of wantan mee and some. There’s wantan, minced meat, spring onion, charsiu, pickled chili, and even lard. It can take 10-15 minutes before your plate of wantan mee is served, the noodle is springy, the combination of various pork ingredients work their wonders, and is everything you’d want in a wholesome hearty old school breakfast.

the sui-kao is very yummy as well
the sui-kao (dumplings) are very yummy as well

Their sui kao too are of top quality, packed with black fungus, minced carrot, pork, and prawns.

If you are a fan of wan tan mee or sui kao mee, this is a place to check out. I’ve been back several times since.

map to Pudu

Ban Lee Hin Kee kopitiam
Jalan Brunei (behind Caltex)
Pudu, Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.137286, 101.711544

Discuss : KY eats – Old School Wantan Mee at Jalan Brunei, Pudu

  1. Very near to my work place…will ride my Vespa there!

  2. looks great. gosh, i wonder, when the uncle first started out selling this wantan mee, how much a plate might have cost way back then 😀

  3. food cricket

    oh my…. Gawd. Look at the Fat and Juicy char siu. Oh so heavenly, may i goto heaven from a coronary bypass. Heck, its ok if you decide to send me to Hell, its all ok. Health Experts please go away and let me alone as I basked in this wonderful glorious moment in time….

    • may your way to hell be a pleasant one.

      looking from the standard of hygiene at this place,
      most probably you’d be in hell because of food poisoning.

      • PPKia: you need an iron stomach!

      • food cricket

        ah piak piak, ah….
        “the more unhygienic, the more tasty maaahh” why do i ALWAYS need to repeat it myself??!! KY bud, I think you should put that as a slogan up top…
        ANYWAYS, some food are TO DIE FOR……

    • food cricket: that’s the spirit. hahaha.

  4. not tried….but its certainly ol skool style that I love.

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