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My colleague Sheng and I were at Pertama Complex yesterday to check out some riding gears, so we thought KFC would be the best option for lunch there. I was telling him about Zinger Double Down that I was fond with (low carb diet?) and prepared to order that for my meal.

That’s where I found out that it’s already off the menu, to be replaced by probably the first non-fried chicken dish from KFC – the paper wrapped chicken that they called Golden Wrapped Chicken.

probably the first non-fried KFC chicken dish?
probably the first non-batter fried KFC chicken dish?

There are two sets to choose from, one with a side of bun and mash, the other with butter rice. I picked the latter, who eats ‘ji bao kai’ (ηΊΈεŒ…ιΈ‘) with mash potato anyway?

The set goes for RM 12.50 including tax, and gets you a quarter chicken, the above mentioned sides, and a large soft drink. I asked for drumstick piece (aka dark meat).

tasted better than I expected, I liked it
tasted better than I expected, I liked it

To be honest, I liked it! The chicken was well marinated and carries a strong hint of black pepper and a trace of mushroom flavor, the bed of corn gives it a note of subtle sweetness as well. The butter rice was very similar to chicken rice, but softer in texture.

I don’t know how long this dish is going to be at KFC but I hope they are going to keep it for the long haul, it provides alternative to their usual batter fried chicken that can be quite ‘heaty’.

For your info, the most famous paper wrapped chicken in Klang Valley is at Restaurant Leong Ya, Balakong.

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  1. DropsofContentment

    Maybe this will be a seasonal item like a Prosperity Burger..=P

  2. read elsewhere that it’s very oily. what’d you think?

  3. Constance Ant

    My labmates told me about it yesterday, saying, so it’s now KWC – Kentucky Wrapped Chicken lol.

    Will try it soon!

  4. iamthewitch

    Nice creation from KFC! I guess to cater to the local market.. ahh how I wish the KFC here sells ji bao kai too! πŸ˜€

  5. Bahhh… Zinger Double Down should’ve been a permanent in their menu!

  6. Wert.. Strange seeing this in KFC xD but looks nice!

  7. oooh, coolness, am definitely gonna try this! i actually like the paper-wrapped chicken at soo kee in imbi the most, but KFC has more convenient locations, heh! πŸ˜€

  8. Now that’s some crossover! As if Star Trek mashed up with Star Wars or something like that…

  9. The Leong Ya wrapped chicken has dropped in standards during the past year and the price of their dishes have become exorbitant.

  10. day-dreamer

    I saw you walk past one of the shops in Pertama Complex and told my colleague “neh… he’s one of the food bloggers, kyspeaks…” lol!

  11. When I was in Beijing their KFC chicken were skin and bone hardly any meat on it. I order a bucket and turn out only half full. The amount was correct but small chicken. I from San Francisco, CA and a bucket of KFC is all the way to the top fat juicy chicken. Different type of chicken in China.

    • Vickie: haha really? I thought KFC in the states didn’t taste as good as in Malaysia, maybe I’m more used to the local taste.

      • I yet been to Malaysia but soon with with family since my cousin and his wife live in Singapore in a business. Food in Malaysia seem so interesting . Had some people I knew from K.L.. As for chicken it Beijing I found different maybe I will like the one from Malaysia.

  12. Quite a healthy take by KFC. Will check it out real soon since the KFC cravings seems to be lurking in our mind these few weeks.

  13. aiyooo uncle i was out of action for a few days because i ate this chicken AS WELL AS the paper too aiyoooo
    should not have read the newspaper article about edible paper, then go and eat this

  14. looks good and i shall try it someday.. hopefully it will last

  15. wow, looks yummy hope kfc here in phil. have also in their menu

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