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A week ago Haze treated me to my very first experience at the acclaimed Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. We caught Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy, conducted by Arnie Roth.

Final Fantasy Distant Worlds at MPO
Final Fantasy Distant Worlds at Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra

The show features many iconic music from the 25 years of Final Fantasy games, with many scores by Nobuo Uematsu. While I never really played Final Fantasy myself, and hence not particularly familiar with the music other than listening to them while watching friends playing the game, the orchestra still manage to massage my emotion just as easily. It was a splendid performance and definitely a very unique and moving experience.

Unlike classical orchestra, Distant Worlds features many cut scenes from the game and is just a tad less formal (you don’t necessarily need to wear a jacket and tie).

If you haven’t been to MPO, I highly recommend it. For those who wants to catch Distant Worlds though, you can check out the dates for other performances here. They’re in Chicago, Montreal, Paris, and Omaha.

Teeth makeover updates:

I’m now at my 3rd set of Invisalign braces, so I guess it’s high time for some updates.

Extractions for Invisalign
Extractions for Invisalign, my dentist looked happy at my misery

To kick start it all, I had 4 teeth (pre-molars) taken out on 19th October, 2012. Now most sane people usually have two on the same side taken out each time, separated by a week, instead I chose to have all four teeth extracted all at one go.

It was a mixed result I guess, I was a bit miserable for a couple days, but it saved me a trip and at least a week’s time, so it was all good. My dentist was professional and the process was actually quite painless.

my third set of Invisalign braces
my third set of Invisalign braces, notice the “attachments” on top two pics?

Each set of braces are to be worn for two weeks. They are usually very tight for the first couple of days, and then your teeth gets adjusted and moved to the new location after that, then it’s another 10 days or so for the new foundation to get strengthened. Two weeks, rinse and repeat.

For the second set of braces I had some attachments put in as well. There are totally 12 buttons on my teeth right now, they are there to hold the braces better and allow more efficient movements. The process of putting these attachments took almost 2 hours, while not particularly comfortable, it wasn’t painful.

The attachments felt like you have rice stuck on your teeth when the braces is off, but with braces on I don’t really feel them.

I’m about 10% through the treatment, will update as we move along.

Discuss : Final Fantasy Distant Worlds at MPO & Invisalign Updates

  1. I’ve played Final Fantasy since FF4 and continued up to 10…didn’t play much after.

    I was a huge fan of the Kingdom Hearts series and Chaos Rings (both also by Square Enix, the latter an iOS exclusive) though.

  2. Never been to an Orchestra performance, for sure zzzzz,lol….Your dental situation is so tedious, I won’t have that type of patience!

  3. Wow, after all that you’re only 1/10th of the way done!

  4. Missed out Adelaide on your list there buddy.
    Had the chance to catch them last weekend, and to top it off Nobuo Uetmatsu was in town and played a set with Arnie.
    I think Aerith’s Theme was the best of the lot.

    Absolutely spectacular stuff.

  5. how much u did your invisalign treatment? it is more cheaper than braces cost?

    • ana: invisalign cost more than traditional braces in Malaysia, best is to call up for an appointment to find out 😀

  6. Wow great post. Goodluck with the alignerss!

  7. Hi,May I know how much the whole Invisalign process cost? And about how long it took to finish? Which Dentis you’ve visit? Million thanks!

    • Jasmine,
      Mine’s at and length of time as well as cost greatly depend on individual case. Mine’s quite “severe” and will probably take more than a year. It’s best to give them a call and go from there.

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