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It’s been a while since I posted any home cooked dishes. So here’s one, a simple garlic fried rice with seafood recipe.

This is something that you can prepare in less than half an hour, garlic fried rice is a pretty classic Japanese dish, I just add some seafood to kick it up a notch a bit. While traditionally they also use spring onion, I replaced it with red onion due to availability and that worked out well to add that crunchiness and freshness element to the dish.

garlic fried rice with prawns and scallops
garlic fried rice with prawns and scallops


  • 1.5 cup of rice for 2 person
  • 2 large eggs
  • prawns (you can also add squid or other seafood)
  • scallops(optional)
  • 2-3 bulb of garlic, chopped or cut in slices
  • 1 red onion, finely chopped
  • 1 tablespoon of soya sauce, some salt & pepper
  • 3-4 tablespoon of cooking oil

ingredients - garlic, onion, rice, prawns, scallops
ingredients – garlic, onion, rice, prawns, scallops

Cooking instructions:

  • heat up cooking oil
  • fry garlic till a shade before golden brown, remove and set aside
  • using the same oil, fry prawns (with a dash of salt), then remove and set aside
  • sear scallops with shells on, then remove and set aside

the key is to fry the garlic, seafood, and rice separately
the key is to fry the garlic, seafood, and rice separately

Cooking instructions part 2:

  • with the same oil, fry eggs till 80% cooked
  • add rice, and stir for a minute
  • add soya sauce, salt, and some pepper
  • add garlic and continue to stir for another minute
  • add garlic and prawns, stir for another minute
  • serve while hot (arrange your scallops with best of your artistic ability)

start with the egg, then rice, onion, then everything
start with the egg, then rice, onion, then everything

The key to this dish is to have the garlic and seafood fried separately. This allows better control and ensures that each ingredients are cooked properly since they have different cooking time. Try it!

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Discuss : KY cooks – Garlic Fried Rice with Seafood

  1. Yummeh! It looks good, and I like the scallop addition 😉

  2. ooo, nice and useful tip about cooking some of the ingredients separately. i guess it’s kinda common sense, but i lack common sense when it comes to cooking! 😀

  3. Sedap giler sifu, errmm but 1.5 cup of rice is enough…only for me!!!

  4. iamthewitch

    Ahh looks so good and so simple!! I love anything fried with garlic! Need to buy prawns this weekend. LOL!

  5. Now I want to have fried rice for supper but there is no overnight rice in the fridge. Brilliant tip with frying them separately. I struggle with fried rice coz I always try to cook everything in one go. THANX for sharing Chef!


  7. wahh~ your garlic fried rice look hoh liau pun eh~

  8. What about the red onions?

  9. Dear KY,

    Just wanted to especially leave a note & say Thanks so much for ‘KY Cooks’! Easily my favourite portion of your site. When I’m craving Malaysian Chinese food in HK I’ve found your site is the best resource for learning to cook it for myself. Your recipes are so comprehensive and easy to follow, I’ve learned to make loads of delicious (and familiar) dishes.

    Super appreciated. Keep them coming!

    • Elaine: I didn’t know there are people who actually like that category, thanks!! Will add to it 😀

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