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Restaurant Goldview Hakka Food, situated next to Giant at Taman Paramount, is one of those restaurants that is somewhat a victim of its location for the fact that it is located just a stone’s throw away from the more established Kong Sai, the famous herbal soup & rice stall that is Meng Kee, and another rather popular outdoor tai chao place – Ming Heong.

This was why it took us all these while before finally giving it a try, and that turned out to be a nice little surprise.

Restaurant Goldview Hakka Food at Seapark
Restaurant Goldview Hakka Food at Seapark

Restaurant Goldview has a pretty basic set up, there’s air conditioning indoor and a couple of tables outdoor on the balcony. Interior decoration was done probably in 5 minutes, but it is clean, and the tables & chairs are rather comfortable.

The photos here are from 2 separate visits.

"fa tiu kai", omelete with preserved vegetable, hakka fried pork with black fungus
“fa tiu kai”, omelet with preserved vegetable, hakka fried pork with black fungus

“Fa tiu kai” (RM 19, medium), a type of clay pot drunken chicken cooked with Chinese wine, is as good here as anywhere I’ve had. The flavor seeps its way through the poultry and mixing those sweet, fragrant sauce with steamed rice will leave you wanting for more.

We also love the simple “choi poh fried egg”, or omelet with preserved vegetable (RM 6, small), though usually taken with porridge, it goes pretty well with rice as well.

Hakka fried pork with black fungus (RM 12, small) is one of my favorite dishes in Hakka cuisine (New Grand View’s wantan mee has this), but the version here was just passable in taste, perhaps the pork we had wasn’t fatty enough, or that the taste of namyu (preserved red bean curd) was not as strong as I prefer.

salted steamed chicken, "mui choi kao yok"
salted steamed chicken, “mui choi kao yok”

Hakka salted chicken (RM 12, small) is a steamed chicken dish that carries a hint of saltiness, goes pretty well with rice, and would have been better with a more superior (chili) sauce or other condiment. This is something that Kong Sai fared better, but truth be told, it didn’t disappoint.

We love the “mui choi kao yok” (RM 12, small) here, the cut was excellent. Those glistering fats in between layers of meat topped with that perfectly cooked skin, oh my. I can have this pretty much every meal. I suspect that their “wu tao kao yok”, or yam with pork belly, should be equally as good.

and the spicy soup "lat thong" was superb! KY, Winnie, Horng, Yuki
and the spicy soup “lat thong” was superb! KY, Winnie, Horng, Yuki

Last but not least, for those who can read the signboard in Chinese, you’d notice that spicy soup is mentioned on their business name. So naturally, we had to order a bowl to share.

There’s a choice of kampung chicken, pork stomach, and lala as the main ingredient. We had wanted to try lala but ended up with pork stomach (RM 14, small) instead due to availability.

The soup was super peppery and spicy, but in a good way. It was one of the bests we’ve tried and I dare say, on par with Kien Kee at Seri Kembangan. If you find yourself here, this is a must order.

map to Taman Paramount

We ended up with less than RM 15 per person for dinner, excellent value for pretty awesome food. This is a place that we surely will visit again. Other dishes that I wanted to try include trotter vinegar, sweet sour intestine with pineapple, salted fish steamed pork, ginger duck, and more.

Hakka food might not be the most popular type of Chinese cuisine, but you should definitely check this place out.

Goldview Hakka Food Restaurant
26, Jalan 20/16A
Taman Paramount
Petaling Jaya
46300 Selangor
GPS: 3.107092, 101.62475
Tel012-321 2725
Operation Hours: 11.30am – 2.30pm, 5.30pm – 9.30pm (Closed on Tuesday)

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  1. Watch your fat intake sifu…take of your health too.

  2. i’d like to make a burger stuffed with that mui choi kao yok! 😀

  3. I love that stuff! 🙂

    Chai poh I mean, wonderful, haven’t personally seen it on the menu myself in KL but then again I’ve never asked for it when I go to a tai chow place.

    Good to know. I prefer to eat it just like that but an omelet would be good too.

  4. there is something magical when you combine chicken and alcohol – it creates a glorious culinary journey like no other. It truely is a ‘flower focking chicken’ experience indeed *hic* ROFL

  5. I can sense the fattier the meat, the more you will love it. Haha, likewise, i love all those fatty layers, unhealthy but yummy 🙂

  6. I’ve been to Kong Sai (love the Pig stomach soup, and ‘glass’ chicken feet (literal translation) there but not the pork leg vinegar), mom has been to this one but still prefer Kong sai. Oh btw, went to New Paris the other day based on your instagram pic and enjoyed it!

  7. OK…this is this weekend’s dinner plans!

  8. The Hakka foods are just normal nothing special. The spicy soup you could find many, a lot better choice at Serdang & Sri Kembangan.

    • Marcus: yaa, Serdang will have more choices. I’ve only tried spicy soup there at that one famous place, I find this one on par. Much shorter travel time for me tho since I stay at PJ 😀

  9. Fong Hoy Yeen

    Hi,i'm the lady boss of this restaurant=golden Hakka food.
    Thank you for sharing.just info you,03-80768766 is a wrong phone ph=0123212725.TQVM.

  10. I want make reservations can I have the phone no. Thank you

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