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I was initially going to skip this party, until I saw a pretty awesome costume idea off Reddit (my number one time waster these days). Decided to give it a go and thanks to Siao Ling, I got a pair of invites to the Jagermeister Halloween The Beginning Party at Carcosa

Jagermeister party and my silly costume
Jagermeister party and my silly costume

A day prior to the party I drove around the neighbourhood a bit and found a couple empty cardboard boxes for my prop. I spent probably about an hour and a half to build this costume with another RM 6.90 spent in buying some safety pins, and utilized half a roll of duct tape too. Together with a couple of pillows, a pair of riding gloves, and some plastic bags, the costume was done.

Every house should have some duct tape and WD40, these two things will solve 90% of all household problems.

we partied hard! Ee Laine, KY, Haze, Michael, Elle, Fooi
we partied hard! Ahfa, KY, Haze, Michael, Elle, Fooi

Haze did everyone’s make up here, the only one missing was Terence, who decided to ffk for a few hours because lame reasons. Fooi looked decent in here but he eventually went full retard due to too many shots of Jagermeister.

the loot - a Carlsberg beer tower and a Jagermeister mini fridge
the loot – a Carlsberg beer tower and a Jagermeister mini fridge

My costume was one of five that won the prizes – a Carlsberg beer tower and a very sweet Jagermeister mini fridge. These will be very useful for the next x’mas party. I also had most photos taken with me in my life time, felt like the bride in a wedding night, it was glorious!

Thanks again Siao Ling for the invites!

Discuss : My Halloween Head on a Box costume at Jagermeister The Beginning Party

  1. hmm … trying to put my head together (no pun intended) on how your costume works. love how freaking good (again, no pun intended) your whole gang looks!

  2. i didn’t get to take picture with/of you </3

    *wonders how many cats a jagermeister fridge can hold*

  3. ROFL looking at your costume….but every household should have silicone sealer as well sifu!

  4. eh, that’s a very, very cool costume lah! definitely can pass off for one of the extras on the walking dead! πŸ˜€

  5. Saw your costume via Instagram…hmmm how did you get into the car? Or did you assemble it when you reached Carcosa?

  6. i love it!!! all ur costumes roxs n well done haze for the amazing make up!!! grats on winning too πŸ™‚

  7. a well deserved win, ky!

  8. Awesome costume!!! You certainly deserve to win. Congrats!!!!

  9. I take it you won best costume? You must have!

  10. Oh commented too excitedly before I got to the end lol. Love the jΓ€ger fridge!

  11. your costume super cool la!! but won’t tired meh thru out the night? when drink oso hard to swallow right? =p

  12. Nice outfit! It’s hard to wrap my head around the costume. πŸ˜‰

    That’s a pretty cool Jager fridge too! Okay, that’s one too many. Haha.

    Cheers mate!

  13. i love your costume, it rocks!

  14. Haze is mega talented! LOVE the costumes here!

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