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I guess I must be one of the last person to have ventured into the second most exciting food court in the country – Food Village at Publika, Dutamas – the newest non-halal food court apart from my favorite of all time, Lot 10’s Hutong.

A couple weekends ago I found myself at Publika and hungry, and after mentally crossing out most hipster restaurants in the building, we decided to check out the food court. A place that I’ve heard good things from quite a few friends and colleagues alike.

BM Yam Rice at Food Village, Publika
BM Yam Rice at Food Village, Publika – pretty good crowd there

There are the usual suspects – chicken rice, yong tao foo; and a few stalls operated by famous shops – kin kin pan mee, lorong seratus tahun, Woo Pin Fish Head noodle, Ah Yip Herbal Soup and so on.

But what caught my attention was this stall that goes by the name of BM Yam Rice. I actually have two ex-gfs from BM (both are married now, thanks for asking), but never did hear about this BM Yam Rice place (maybe that was the problem)…

two sets - yam rice with mixed pork soup and pork knuckle
two sets – yam rice with mixed pork soup and pork knuckle

Horng and I ordered two set lunches – mixed pork soup, and the pork knuckle set. Both are priced at RM 9.90 and comes with yam rice, a side of braised egg with tofu, and the main dish.

The mixed pork soup turned out to be a beauty, plenty of pork belly slices, pork tripe, intestine, couple of pork balls, and even my favorite – coagulated pork blood. The soup had a slight sourish taste which goes well with yam rice, and I love the fact that they loaded the soup with Chinese parsley too.

pork slices, innards, and even pork blood, yums!
pork slices, innards, and even pork blood, yums!

The pork knuckle with soya sauce (a version of tau eu bak) was not too shabby either. Though you don’t get the variety as you would with mixed pork soup, the pork knuckle was tender and tasted rather good especially when you pair it with the chili paste that accompanies the dish. It’s not quite as awesome as proper sambal but I’m not complaining.

I think I’ll have to try their other dishes at BM Yam Rice stall the next time I find myself at Publika.

map to Solaris Dutamas

BM Yam Rice
Food Village
UG1, Publika Shopping Gallery, 

Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur
GPS3.170961, 101.665721

Discuss : KY eats – BM Yam Rice at Food Village, Publika

  1. i was trying to remember what other food bukit mertajam might be famous for besides apparently yam rice … crabs, right? or some other seafood? 😀 anyways, the pork blood looks gooooooooooooood…

    • Sean: haha I really don’t know what is famous there when it comes to food, Penang islanders usually quite smug and we eat on the island only :/

  2. Slurpsss!!!! Ooo…the pork! Blood!!! I like!!! Haven’t had that for so long – missus says no! Hehehehehe!!!!! Certainly looks like my kind of food – none of those pretentiously classy western cuisine with names one can’t even pronounce…

    This is where they have cycling on weekends or is it every day? Don’t think those bicycles for rent can stand me weight though… Hehehehehe!!!!

  3. Huh? BM yam rice? I work in Penang for more than 4 years now, I only know of Simpang Ampat yam rice stalls being around.

  4. You know, using the Penang word is a crowd puller. But we can suss them out. If the food is good, then we can forgive them. hahaa

    • won: haha it’s BM and not Penang lor, slight difference I guess but at least the food’s good 😀

  5. Most of the time I’m there, it’s either the Pan Mee stall or Hokkien Mee stall…so maybe it’s time to give BM Yam Rice stall at try…

  6. Yam rice! With the current crazy price for yam, it’s nice to know there are places still serving it. Will bring the mothers there to eat.

  7. Eh, I have not tried this yet, thanks for reviewing it for us, the general masses 😀

    and, you’ve only entered there? ehehe, I’ve tried the other few stalls there, pretty good, maybe coz it’s non-halal 😛

  8. talking about pork blood, so hard to find it in any dishes over here in KL. In penang, I love those curdled pork blood in curry mees! yum 🙂

  9. I just ate there a few weeks back and I must say that the portions are quite generous especially the coagulated pork blood. yums

  10. Damn cheap! And looks great.. even I would eat the rice 😛

  11. one of my fav place to drop by whenever I crave for the yam rice.. the best that I can find so far that is simmiliar to pg version . .

  12. BM Yam Rice, there are numerous stalls in BM; the original one would be behind BM General Hospital.

    Other dishes of notable deliciousness from BM would be Mee Kuah Ketam (Tokun) and Duck Egg Char Koay Teow

    • cash: ahh, thanks for the tips! I shall venture there one of these days when I’m back to Penang.

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