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Unofficially, football must be one of the most played games in Malaysia. I remember one of the first Pendidikan Jasmani classes back in primary school where we started out with stretchings and some light exercises, then were given a football to be played with some make shift goal posts (usually with some water bottles).

Fast forward a couple decades later, I’m still playing football on a weekly basis (futsal mostly though). The only thing that’s changed from those primary school time is my age, and that we have “proper” goal posts now.

This is where MILO Cans come in and asks an interesting question – why not go crazy and design your own goalposts?

milo cans goalpost at kelana jaya
MILO Cans goalpost at kelana jaya SS 5 – twisted football!

To me, this is how you bring back the fun and  back to football, with MILO Cans Twisted Football.

OK, so what is this wacky looking thing looming over the “traditional” goalpost and how do you use it?

Well, that would be the twisted goalpost design by you, and if players score a goal in between the traditional goalpost and the green twisted goalpost, the team gets two points instead of the usual one point. That makes the game a lot more interesting isn’t it? Higher risk, higher rewards. 😀

KY's MILO Cans goalpost design
KY’s MILO Cans goalpost design – supposed to be a burger & drinks, hehe

So what’s in it for you and how do you participate?

Head over to MILO Cans Twisted Football facebook app page and you too can design your own custom goalpost simply by using a drag and drop interface provided. From 1st Oct to 11th Nov 2012, there will be three weekly winners who will walk away with Branded Wi-Fi 32GB tablet each. That’s 3 winners per week.


  1. Go to the “SUBMIT ENTRIES” page.
  2. Using your mouse and the shapes provided, create the craziest goalpost you can think of for Twisted Football. Impress our judges with your ideas.
  3. Ensure your design fulfils these judging requirements: relevancy, competency, creativity, practicality and originality.
  4. Give your goalpost a witty name. It can be in English or Bahasa Malaysia.
  5. Submit your entry.

Furthermore, at the end of week 6, the 18 weekly winners will be in the running to win 2 grand prizes of RM 5,000 cash each, and the goalposts will be made a reality. Imagine how cool is that to have your very own Twisted Football goalpost in real life? You’ll at least make a few friends jealous, I’m sure.

Grand Prize details:

  1. Firstly, be on our shortlist of 18 Weekly Winners.
  2. As a finalist, get your friends to vote for you. Don’t be shy. The more votes you get, the better your chances of winning the Grand Prize of RM5,000 cash.
  3. Keep your fingers crossed!

I know if my entry wins, I’ll get my kakis to go over there and play a few games of football for sure, it’ll be glorious!

some of the entries submitted by users, think you can do better?

Lastly, even if your designs don’t make it, there’s also five voter incentive prizes to be won as well, and each winner will walk away with Branded Wi-Fi 32GB Tablet too:

  1. Go to the “VIEW ENTRIES” page during the voting period (19 Nov – 9 Dec 2012).
  2. VOTE for your favourite goalpost.
  3. Key in the Proof-of-Purchase (POP) Code* on your can of MILO Can to receive 5 chances at voting.
  4. Answer 2 simple questions.
  5. Fill in a one-time registration form.
  6. Stay updated! We’ll inform you by email if you are one of our 5 happy winners** of a branded tablet.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to to participate! You can also check out the location of the current goalposts and test it out yourself as well. I went to the one at Kelana Jaya and it sure looks like a challenge to score that 2 points.

Now let me head over to the Twisted Football app and win me some tablets 😀

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  1. LOL.. okay, I might just have a go! wish me luck!

  2. your goal post kinda looks like a steam train…

  3. haha.. your goal post yeng pun~

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