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Nasi Lemak Itik Salai, now that’s something that you don’t commonly see. We are used to nasi lemak having sotong (squid), ayam goreng (fried chicken), daging rendang (beef), and for the non-halal version, even pork; but itik salai (smoked duck)? That’s pretty interesting so far as Malaysia’s national dish nasi lemak goes.

note: this place has moved. new address is atΒ No 70 jalan Pekaka 8/3,Β Kota Damansara Section 8
(Same row with jabatan pendaftaran and hospital Pusrawi)

Izwan Woon Abdullah, located just behind Taman Bahagia LRT station
Izwan Woon Abdullah, located just behind Taman Bahagia LRT station

The restaurant that offers this dish is Izwan Woon Abdullah, located just behind Taman Bahagia LRT station at SS3, a few doors down from the famous pork noodle and Luckly Loke tai chao at the corner.

nasi lemak itik salai, you don't see this very often
nasi lemak itik salai, you don’t see this very often

The restaurants offer nasi lemak and a few other more traditional Malay dishes, but I had to try their nasi lemak itik salai.

The plate comes with fragrant nasi lemak on a slice of banana leaf, a side of sambal, anchovies & peanuts, half a hard boiled egg, smoked duck, and some brown sauce for the duck.

The brown sauce though, was a waste of time, so we asked for more sambal instead, which more than made up for it. πŸ˜€

the sambal and the rice itself was quite awesome too
the sambal and the rice itself was quite awesome too

The sambal was top notch, spicy and very flavorful, and the duck tasted pretty close to Chinese style smoked duck but with a slightly different taste that I can’t exactly point out, it was good, and certainly a different experience being paired with nasi lemak. I find myself enjoying it.

they have nasi lemak ayam too, and the otak-otak is pretty good
they have nasi lemak ayam too, and the otak-otak is pretty good

Their nasi lemak with chicken was able to satisfy one of the biggest nasi lemak fan in Horng, and otak-otak Johor (RM 0.80 per stick) was delicious enough we ordered second servings (even Suan who was from Johor approved of the taste).

The restaurant has been in business some 2-3 months and I sure hope it stays. I’ve only been there a couple times but looking forward to head there more often. =)

map to izwan woon abdullah, nasi lemak itik salai

Restoran Izwan Woon Abdullah
SS 3/59E Petaling Jaya
47300 Selangor
GPS: 3.109904, 101.611722
Hours: lunch and dinner

Discuss : KY eats – Nasi Lemak Itik Salai at Izwan Woon Abdullah, PJ SS 3 [Closed]

  1. iamthewitch

    Nasi lemak with duck? My my, this dish is going places! I’m foreseeing nasi lemak with steak or maybe salmon in the future! hehe

    • iamthewitch: haha ya someone needs to open a nasi lemak specialty store!

      • Amierul


        from:Sergio ^_^

  2. Definitely an eye opener but it’s good that there are variations of it.

  3. ooo, duck nasi lemak! i’ve never had that either. now i’m wondering what’s the next ultimate step. maybe a big plate of nasi lemak surrounded by chicken curry, pork rendang, beef stew and smoked duck!!!!! πŸ˜€

  4. Constance Ant

    bookmarked this! will definitely try this out as i love duck!

  5. have u check out Tong Fong sea park beef noodle of yang kee behind
    KFC sea Park…Me finds it good if i may say so…while me will try
    this nasi lemak itik…strange combination…

  6. And so this could be the FIRST time someone’s pairing Halal smoked duck with nasi lemak! I’ll mark this down. Will do wonders on a lazy day after work.

  7. Nasi lemak is a great dish in itself and having it with duck is crazy yet I believe it works! Thanks for sharing this great find! πŸ™‚

  8. I visited this shop earlier, overall experience not too bad, i like the otak otak the most:)

    Simon Lee

  9. Ooo smoked duck delucious pairing…

  10. it’s not that i don’t see this often, i’ve never seen it at all.

  11. I pass this restaurant almost on a daily basis and didn’t go in until I read this review. I had a nasi lemak with rendang chicken. The rendang was a bit on the oily side but the taste is all there. The fragrance of the rice is the best I have had in a nasi lemak in a loooooong time. It was pretty empty when we were there and I share your sentiment, let’s hope it stays!

  12. Passed by the shop today and the signboard was removed and shop is closed. Tried their nasi lemak ayam and it is good. Too bad they have already closed for good.

  13. hi , did this restaurant still in section 8 kota damansara ?

  14. Hi, I first spotted this shop several months ago and liked the duck. Wnr again today and found it closed. Not satisfied, I googled and found your blog and their new address. Good job and keep it up. AND thanks Joyce, you are a lifesaver!!

  15. Amierul

    <3 Hey Guys ..this is the new address…

    ##No 70 jalan Pekaka 8/3
    Kota Damansara Section 8
    Same row with jabatan pendaftaran and hospital Pusrawi …..IF YOU CAN't FIND THE RESTORAN …call this number .. 016 295 5522(Danial Izwan ) ..OKe πŸ˜‰


  16. ur welcome ^_^

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