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Following the previous post about diving at Tioman, I thought I’d share what are some of the choices of food available at Salang Bay (since food is mostly an ala carte affair here)

There are probably a dozen or so food and drinks outlets along Salang Bay, two duty free shop (one only sells alcohol to-go), and a partially stocked convenient store. In another word, everything essential is available.

Salang Indah Restaurant, tomyam, traditional Malay food, and more
Salang Indah Restaurant, tomyam, traditional Malay food, and more

One of the biggest restaurants here is Salang Indah Restaurant (yah these guys aren’t very creative with naming business establishments), located just a 100 meter north of jetty. They are one of the very few that open for business throughout the day. There’s plenty of tables and you get seated right next to the beach, sea breeze and holiday mood, very nice.

Here you can find Thai food, sandwiches, toast, pancakes, porridge, and even roti canai. The tomyam, kailan ikan masin, and omelet we had was pretty decent. At 6-8 ringgit per dish it wasn’t expensive either.

However, don’t ever eat here if you’re in a hurry. Service is super slow and ultra terrible. We asked a server to expedite our order on second visit as we had to dive within 25 minutes, she acknowledged and then sat down on and started playing with her phone, we ended up canceling the order 25 minutes later as they haven’t started cooking yet. No apologies given either.

Salang Beach Restaurant - Chinese food (pork free though)
Salang Beach Restaurant – Chinese food (pork free though)

The lone Chinese restaurant at Salang Bay is another super creatively named place called Salang Beach Restaurant. This place is perhaps a 8-10 minute walk north of the jetty.

We had clay pot mutton (RM 16), bean curd (Rm 13), and cabbage soup (RM 8) to go with some steamed rice. The mutton was tender and rather tasty, but the other two dishes were quite bland. We had to ask for soya sauce and chili. They weren’t bad, just .. tasteless.

Oh yeah, service is very slow here too, I guess it’s just the laid back island life.

Though this is a Chinese restaurant, they are pork free. In fact, the whole Salang Bay is pork free.

food court, on the left once you get off the jetty at Salang Bay
food court, on the left once you get off the jetty at Salang Bay

Just to the right of the jetty is a food court that usually has at least a couple shops open for business. We caught the national double’s pair playing on TV while enjoying some fried rice from the last stall to the right.

It was a meal that was forgettable, but the operators were very friendly, and we spent another half an hour chatting with them and a local dive master. It turned out to be a decent experience.

Haze & KY
Haze & KY at Salang Beach, Tioman 2012

These are just the place we ate, I was told that you get very good ikan bakar to the left of jetty at night, and there were many drinking place serving cold beer at RM 5 a can and other alcoholic drinks at RM 10-12 per glass.

Even though food wasn’t exactly anywhere near good, they were edible and priced pretty decent for a holiday destination. I wanna go back to Tioman!

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  1. if i open a restaurant here, i’ll call it Eat Drink Salang Restaurant 😀

  2. There’s a good malay restaurant right in front of fisherman divers (after B&J).

    They serve fantastic (did i say fantastic? it is the best in the world) maggi goreng daging.

    Sup tulang was very good too!

  3. Cindy Tong

    it sound more like sailang…sapu all hahaha

  4. the name just sound so “salah”. anyways Haze is looking good there!

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